Terrifying moment giant great white shark tries to smash through divers’ cage in jaw-dropping pics

THIS is the terrifying moment a giant great white shark tries to smash through a divers' cage.

The jaw-dropping moment was captured by brave underwater photographer Euan Rannachan who had been visiting the shark-infested waters of Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico.

The stomach-churning images show a menacing 15-foot-long great white launching itself at two divers in a cage underwater.

In another scary snap, a shark emerged from the water with its mouth wide open in what looks like a sinister grin.

In others, taken from inside a divers’ cage, a great white stretches its mouth in an underwater yawn as it eyes the photographer.

Shark enthusiast Rannachan said the island was arguably one of the best locations in the world to see these underwater beasts.

He said: “A combination of the size of sharks that end up there and the water clarity make it very hard to beat for shark lovers, like myself.”

Rannachan even exited the shark cage to take photos of the mysterious creatures and wants others to do the same.

He said: "There is literally no other feeling in the world like it.

"I call it the rewiring of your brain. You are doing something your entire life you have been told to not do and to be scared of, then you do it and you understand all that advice was coming from a place of fear and misunderstanding.

"These massive white sharks are curious animals but in no way show aggression towards us. I really wish everyone in the world could see them as we do.

"Because of this we started a company taking people out to the island to meet these amazing animals."

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