UN anti-Israel bias under scrutiny after Sec General's statement

UN anti-Israel bias under scrutiny after Secretary General’s statement that Hamas attacks didn’t happen ‘in a vacuum’: He’s a ‘Socialist Leftist Jackass’ who should STEP DOWN say enraged Republicans

  • Iran-backed Hamas and Hezbollah are not sanctioned or labeled as terror groups by the UN Security Council
  • The U.S. has subsidized Hamas to the tune of $380 million since Biden took office and restarted funding to the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency 
  • Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley repeatedly pressed the organization to formally list Hamas as a terrorist group

The United Nation’s anti-Israel bias is sparking anger among Republicans in Congress who say the agency’s head must step down after flamboyant remarks this week suggesting Hamas’ deadly attack on Israel was warranted. 

UN’s top official Secretary General António Guterres was slammed after he said this week that Hamas’ terror attack – killing over 1,400 innocent civilians – ‘did not happen in a vacuum.’

After heavy backlash, he claimed was ‘shocked by misrepresentations’ of his remarks about the Israel-Gaza war.

But top lawmakers aren’t buying it.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said on his ‘Verdict’ podcast that the UN has ‘long been a pit of Israel hatred and antisemitism.’

‘In many ways, the United Nations exists so that enemies of Israel can attack Israel on a daily basis,’ he said this week.

Israeli soldiers inspect the site of a music festival near the border with the Gaza Strip in southern Israel on Friday October 13

Hamas and Hezbollah are not sanctioned or labeled as terror groups by the UN Security Council

Israel has called for the UN’s Secretary General Antonio Guterres (pictured) to resign for saying the Hamas attacks cannot justify the ‘collective punishment of the Palestinian people’

He went on to blast Guterres as an ‘enlightened socialist leftist jackass’ who refused to condemn the depravity of Hamas’ attacks.

‘Did he condemn the raping of little girls? Nope, didn’t mention it at all. It just says well, the targeting of civilians or firing rockets that I condemn, he has no acknowledgment that they are beheading and burning alive infants, the scope of it, the depravity of it is grotesque.’

‘We must always take a side when it comes to good vs. evil and we will never stop calling out the shameful anti-Israel bias at the UN,’ former U.S. Ambassador to the UN and 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley told DailyMail.com last week. 

He should be ‘disqualified’ from leading the UN, Haley wrote on X this week.

‘The Secretary General of the UN should know nothing justifies beheading babies, burning people alive, and raping young girls. He owes the people of Israel an apology. This is disgusting and disqualifies him from leading the UN.’ 

She also said that the UN must formally label Hamas as a terror organization. 

‘It should be easy to condemn a bloodthirsty organization that kills babies, rapes women, and burns whole families. Yet, the UN still refuses to call Hamas what they are—terrorists.’ 

Without the official designation, U.S. taxpayer dollars are able to ‘flow freely’ to Iran-backed Hamas and Hezbollah say security experts.

Hamas and Hezbollah are not sanctioned or labeled as terror groups by the UN Security Council. However, other well-known terrorist organizations Al Qaeda and ISIS have been officially designated, which cuts off their ability to get foreign assistance.

Meanwhile, Israel’s outspoken ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, called on Guterres to resign, writing on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the UN chief has ‘expressed an understanding for terrorism and murder.’ 

Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn., of the House Homeland Security Committee wrote on X: ‘Secretary General Antonio Guterres should resign or be removed from office.’

He added that Guterres’ remarks were ‘gross and abhorrent.’ 

Biden’s current UN Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield also has commented on anti-Israel bias at the organization.

In a major diplomatic row, Israel’s UN ambassador Gilad Erdan (pictured) said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was ‘not fit’ to lead the body after he claimed the 1,400 murders did not happen ‘in a vacuum’

Aerial photo shows abandoned and torched vehicles at the site of the October 7 attack on the Supernova desert music Festival by Palestinian militants near Kibbutz Reim in the Negev desert in southern Israel on October 13

Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley – who is also running for president in 2024 – repeatedly pressed the organization to formally list Hamas as a terrorist group when she held her position

An apartment was hit by Hamas rockets in the town of Ashkelon, Israel near Gaza

Palestinian fighters from the armed wing of Hamas take part in a military parade in front of an Israeli military site

She condemned Hamas for the ‘horrors’ committed by the ‘terrorist group’ whose ‘stated purpose is to kill Jews’ speaking at a solidarity event for Israel at American Jewish Committee headquarters in New York last week.

‘The path of terror’ by Hamas does nothing to improve the lives of any civilians, she continued.

Thomas-Greenfield also acknowledged that for too long, Israel has been ‘unfairly targeted in the UN system.’ 

‘Now is the moment to stand in solidarity with Israel,’ she continued. 

Hamas terrorists based in Gaza launched a surprise, multi-front attack on Israel on Saturday, October 7.

In addition to the over 30 Americans who have died in the attacks, around a dozen are still missing and believed to be held hostage in Gaza.

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