Where is Melania trends as First Lady 'disappears' after 'doing a PHOTOSHOOT during Capitol riots'

MELANIA Trump has not been seen in public since January 1, leading fans to question where the First Lady was during the Capitol Riots.

The First Lady was nowhere to be seen during the shocking Wednesday riots when pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building – resulting in the deaths of five people.

According to a report by CNN, First Lady Melania Trump was focused on getting a photoshoot completed at the White House as demontsrators infiltrated the Capitol building in Washington DC.

A source familiar with the first lady's schedule told the publication: "Photos were being taken of rugs and other items in the Executive Residence and the East Wing,"

CNN also reports that, when asked by aides whether she wanted to release a statement calling for peace and calm, the first lady chose to say nothing and remained silent.

Melania's last online activity was on January 1, when she tweeted: "Wishing everyone a #HappyNewYear!

"May 2021 be filled with the blessings of joy, good health & peace throughout the year!"

Many have taken to social media asking where the president's wife has been since New Year's Day.

One person tweeted: "Anyway where’s Melania lol. She still missing?"

"Been missing for about a week now. Where did Melania go? Mar a Lago?" another said.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user posted: "Not to keep rapidly tweeting but isn’t it funny how all this goes down and still Melania has disappeared."

The first lady has been avoiding the spotlight since Trump supporters took the US Capitol by siege on Wednesday, while Mike Pence was escorted out of the building to a secure location.

The rioters wanted to stop the counting of Electoral College votes that confirm President-elect Joe Biden's victory over President Donald Trump in the November 2020 election.

But by Wednesday evening, Melania's chief of staff had formally resigned from her post.

Grisham told ABC News: "It has been an honor to serve the country in the White House. I am very proud to have been a part of Mrs. Trump's mission to help children everywhere, and proud of the many accomplishments of this Administration," 

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