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ONLYFANS has made millionaires out of many of its stars.

One person who has certainly reaped the benefits of the adult streaming platform is Elsa Thora.

Who is Elsa Thora?

Elsa Thora is an Influencer and social media star who is best known for OnlyFans.

She was born in 1999 and originally hails from Sweden, but now lives in Yorkshire.

Elsa shot to fame on OnlyFans when she was just 19-years-old, and is now one of their biggest stars.

Thanks to her lucrative career with the adult platform, she jets off around the globe.

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What does Elsa Thora do?

Elsa quit her job as a waitress to be a full time OnlyFans star, and has never looked back.

Her success has meant she was able to buy her first house at age 19 – a three-bed £200k property in Yorkshire.

In June 2023, it was revealed that Elsa was now looking for a second home.

Speaking to WalesOnline Elsa said: “I bought a house when I was 19. I’m going to buy a second house when I am back in the UK.

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“It feels crazy. I’m super excited for that. I love travelling and I can work wherever I am. I’m so grateful. I love what I do.”

She revealed she decided to give OnlyFans a go after not knowing what to do after finishing her A-levels.

Elsa told the outlet: “I wasn’t really ready to go to uni. Then in two weeks I made £2.5k.

“Compared to my last salary that was crazy. I was so shocked.”

Thanks to her success on OnlyFans she racks in £300K a year – that's £25K a month.

Elsa's former salary as a waitress was £18K a year.

She added: “I work quite a lot. But I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.”

Is Elsa Thora on social media?

As well as OnlyFans, Elsa also has a huge following on Instagram.


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Her popular handle has 245K followers (as of September 2023)

On there she posts lots of content about her jet set life.

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