Who is Taylor Lorenz?

THE New York Times has accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson of harassing reporter Taylor Lorenz after he mocked her over complaints of online harassment.

The newspaper released a statement branded his segment "calculated and cruel" but Carlson has continued to attack Lorenz calling her a "deeply unhappy narcissist."

Who is Taylor Lorenz?

Taylor Lorenz is a culture and technology reporter for The New York Times Styles section.

Why is Taylor Lorenz trending?

The New York Times accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson of harassing their reporter Taylor Lorenz after he mocked her during his show the Tucker Carlson Tonight on March 9, 2021.

The day before, on International Women's Day Lorenz has opened up about online harassment in a series of tweets.

"For international women’s day please consider supporting women enduring online harassment. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the harassment and smear campaign I’ve had to endure over the past year has destroyed my life. No one should have to go through this," she tweeted.

The newspaper branded his segment "calculated and cruel" and released a statement defending Lorenz.

"In a now familiar move, Tucker Carlson opened his show last night by attacking a journalist.

"It was a calculated and cruel tactic, which he regularly deploys to unleash a wave of harassment and vitriol at his intended target," said the New York Post in a statement.

Lorenz was described as a "talented New York Times journalist."

The statement added that "journalists should be able to do their jobs without facing harassment."

What did Tucker Clarkson say?

Tucker Carlson said Lorenz was "at the top of journalism’s repulsive little food chain" and that she is "far younger" and "much less talented" than other New York Times reporters.

"You’d think Taylor Lorenz would be grateful for the remarkable good luck that she’s had. But no, she’s not," he said.

He then proceeded to read the tweets where she described how online harassment and smear campaigns have destroyed her life.

"Destroyed her life, really? By most people’s standards, Taylor Lorenz would seem to have a pretty good life, one of the best lives in the country, in fact. Lots of people are suffering right now, but no one is suffering quite as much as Taylor Lorenz is suffering," he added.

After she and the newspaper spoke out about the incident he continued his attack on Lorenz on March 10, 2021, calling her a "deeply unhappy narcissist," denying that she faces online abuse and along with his guest Sean Davis accusing her of"stalking teenagers on the internet."

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