Woman dubbed ‘Victoria’s Secret Karen’ has 'breakdown' in store over being filmed after ‘lunging at shopper'

A WOMAN dubbed the "Victoria's Secret Karen" had a "breakdown" in-store over being filmed after appearing to lunge at a shopper.

In videos widely shared online, the white woman crumbles onto the ground and begins crying, while denying that she tried to hit Ijeoma Ukenta, a black woman who was shopping in the store at the time.

Police said that the blonde woman was "very emotionally distraught and told the officers that she was having a 'panic attack' because the other woman was videoing the dispute with her cellphone."

In a second video, the white woman is on the floor violently shaking and screaming, "She's recording me. Tell her to stop."

She is then seen following Ukenta around the store and yelling at her to stop recording.

In the video, Ukenta can be heard saying that she's only recording to protect herself in case the blonde woman attempts to lie to the police about the situation later.

She told TMZ that she was afraid the woman would make false claims and she wanted proof to show she was telling the truth.

Police eventually did show up and the sobbing woman told them that she was upset because she was worried the video would be shared online and she would face backlash, such as losing her job.

Neither woman was arrested or removed from the mall after police appeared.

Millburn Police Department told TMZ that it was actually the blonde woman who called them in the first place.

Police said she told them she was having a panic attack due to Ukenta recording her.

Ukenta reportedly asked the cops to remove the so-called Karen, which they refused to do because they claimed to have no legal precedent to do so.

They offered to escort Ukenta out of the mall if she felt unsafe, which she refused, and told her she could file a formal complaint.

According to police, she did go in and file a complaint against the responding officers a few days later because she was unhappy with their response.

At this point, it doesn't appear that any charges have been filed against anyone involved, but an internal investigation into how officers handled the situation is underway.

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