YFN Lucci – Chilling 911 call that led to rapper's arrest reveals how shooting victim was ‘hanging out of car’

A CHILLING 911 call that led to rapper YFN Lucci's arrest reveals how the shooting victim was "hanging out of a car"

A women in Atlanta placed a frantic 911 call last month saying a man was "trying to fight for his life" after being shoved out of a moving vehicle, according to an audio obtained by TMZ.

The woman on the phone is heard telling a 911 operator she saw a white SUV speeding by "with a man hanging out of the car."

"Can ya please get an ambulance here this man is dying…. he's shot in the head," pleaded the unidentified women.

According to the outlet, the women remained on the scene until the ambulance arrived, and is heard saying the victim was "taking his last breath," before dying moments later.

Rapper YFN Lucci was wanted by the Atlanta police department for his alleged involvement in the man's death.

On Wednesday night, YFN Lucci released a music video before turning himself in to police.

The rapper, whose real name is Rayshawn Bennett, was charged with murder, aggravated assault and participating in criminal street gang activity following a double shooting that left one dead.

Bennett, 29, was taken into custody at the Fulton County Jail shortly before 11pm Wednesday, Atlanta Police spokeswoman TaSheena Brown confirmed to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Attorney Thomas Reynolds said of the rapper’s latest charges: “Every person has a presumption of innocence.”

He declined to comment further.

In his song 7.62, YFN Lucci raps about killing his enemies:

"Robberies in Grand Theft Auto, I can't fake it
They told me don't be trippin' about it, I can't save it
A whole lotta bring problems
But if a n***a play, we gon' get him murdered tomorrow
Wanna see me demonstrate?"

Hours before turning himself in, Bennett released the music video for his song "Rolled On" on his Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Fans of the rapper commented under the video on YouTube expressing their disbelief, while some stood by the rapper through his brazen actions.

One fan wrote, "Dropping a song right after a murder warrant gets put out on him. He gonna turn himself in and beat this."

Another fan wrote, "Not a good time to post this song… but then again it’s the perfect time. I love you Lucci."

"Lucci still dropping videos while he got a 5 star wanted level," wrote another fan.

Another added: "Smart man. Release a song when he making headlines."

And another person added: "Ion think you wanna drop a song rn bro. Bad timing.”

In addition to Bennett, Ra’von Boyd, 23, and Leroy Pitts, 17, were arrested in Miami on similar charges linked to the shooting last month. 

YFN Lucci is best known for his song “Key to the Streets” with the rap group Migos, released in 2016.

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