Uh, Selena Gomez's New Spring Beauty Collection Is *Good*

You might have lost track of all the celeb beauty brands that have launched in the past couple of years, and that’s completely understandable, because they are literally everywhere (hi, Ariana Grande’s R.E.M. Beauty, Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern Beauty, Harry Styles’ Pleasing…). But one brand you should definitely keep in mind? Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, which first launched in September 2020 and is now in the process of launching their spring 2022 collection. And, ahem—I got to see it all.

I’ll be honest: I’m not a fan of every single celeb beauty brand (sry, don’t come for me). But ask any beauty editor, and they’ll agree that Rare Beauty does have legitimately good products and formulas (I’m personally in love with the Lip Soufflé Matte Lip Cream). So I was pretty pumped when I got to hang with Selena Gomez a few weeks ago at a press event, where she chatted about all things Rare Beauty—and, obvs, her new spring launches.

Just some highlights from the new collection: a bronzer stick (which applies sheer but is totally buildable), a fluffy dome-shaped powder brush, a lightweight setting powder (which absorbs oil but doesn’t leave you with cakey makeup), shade extensions to her cult-favorite Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, and my personal fav? The angled Soft Pinch Blush Brush.

Gomez says that the ethos of Rare Beauty—inclusivity and mental health—will continue to be at the forefront of this new launch. And as someone who, she says, has been in a makeup chair since she was seven years old, she not only knows what she’s doing, but she also understands the importance of creating makeup that’s accessible, low-pressure, and easy to apply (since she personally likes anything she can apply with her fingers).

“I had professionals doing my makeup, and suddenly I could look 25 when I was 16—it was crazy,” said Gomez during the event. “And then I felt like, ‘Oh, I look too young all the time; I should achieve that look.’ It made me question my own beauty, so when I had the opportunity, I wanted it to be for people who look at a picture and think it’s unachievable.”

As if creating a makeup line that doesn’t make you feel inadequate isn’t enough, she also follows all the new makeup trends on TikTok (hi, same) and has thoughts: “What I love to do is use my blush for my eyeshadow, and even a little bit on my lip,” she said. “One of my tricks is using the blush really high [on your cheeks], because if you lift it up, it helps define your cheekbones.” I know—I’m about to grab a blush and test it out for myself.

FYI, part of the collection (the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush and Soft Pinch Blush Brush) already launched on Dec. 9 on ” data-vars-ga-product-id=”34f01936-2503-490d-91be-b58b6914d857″ data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-id=”” data-affiliate-network=”” data-affiliate=”true”>Sephora.com, but the rest of the collection, including the bronzer, setting powder, and powder brush will be launching on Sephora.com on Dec. 25 and in Sephora stores on Dec. 26. Get ready to shop, bbs.

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