All the Things You Need to Know About Beauty Guru Bretman Rock

You either know him for his perfectly snatched makeup looks or one of his videos made you laugh to the point where tears actually started rolling down your face. The point is, you definitely know Bretman Rock.

The icon first graced social media with supremely glam makeup. He did the whole beauty guru thing, reviewing different brands and dropping tutorials on how to beat thy face like a pro. Bretman’s eight-million-and-counting YouTube subscribers are a testament to his skills in the palette-and-brush space, but his hilarious personality gives him some comedian cred, too. And if you’re a REAL one, you remember his Vine days fondly.

So to add to what you already know about your fave Bretman Rock, I’ve gathered up some day-one-level facts. Behold:

His full name is a little bit longer

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It’s actually “Bretman Rock Sacayanan.”

He’s 22 years old

Bretman was born on July 31, 1998. Who else isn’t surprised he’s a Leo?!

He has over eight million subscribers on YouTube

If you haven’t yet fallen down the rabbit hole that is his YouTube channel, prepare yourself.

He was born in another country

#ColorCustomizer just chillen

Bretman was born in the Philippines, but relocated to Hawaii (where he still lives) when he was a kid.

His middle name was inspired by someone famous

Bretman’s dad was a fan of professional wrestling and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Do things make sense now?

His younger sister is also popular on social media

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Princess Mae is Bretman’s 19-year-old influencer sister, and she’s made lots of appearances in his videos.

His grandmother is the inspiration behind his love for beauty

“I knew I was going to love or be doing beauty when I would watch my grandmother get ready for church,” he told HelloGiggles. “It was a cool process to watch how makeup would make her feel when she put it on, and the confidence it gave her.”

He’s very close to his Filipino roots

He often speaks Ilocano in his videos and cooks traditional Filipino dishes with his mom on camera. In his Jungle Rock collaboration with Wet ‘n Wild, he described himself as “A man, a person of color, an immigrant.”

He’s an uncle

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His younger sister Princess Mae has two cute kids: Cleo and Ezekiel.

Bretman started making YouTube videos when he was eight years old

But he went viral and became a world-wide sensation when he was 17. The dedication!

Sports have been a big part of his life

In high school he was on the soccer, volleyball, cross country, and track teams. But he always loved track the most.

He’s hosted a major televised event

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In 2017, Bretman hosted the Miss Universe red carpet.

He collaborated with a well-known makeup brand

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He released his very own capsule collection with Wet ‘n Wild called Jungle Rock.

He kept his former boyfriend’s identity anonymous

For their entire relationship—however long it was, who knows!—Bretman kept his BF’s identity a secret…even when he’d feature him in videos (that are currently now private).

He recently announced on Twitter that he’s single

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