Ben Affleck Defends Jennifer Lopez From An Overzealous Fan At The Venice Airport!

Ben Affleck is not letting anyone get close to Jennifer Lopez on his watch!

On Saturday, the 49-year-old quickly jumped to protect his girlfriend after an overzealous fan holding a camera got a little too close for comfort to the 52-year-old singer while they were on their way out of Venice. It is unclear what the mask-less person’s intentions were. However, he seemingly appeared wanting a selfie with the stars. But Affleck was not in the mood for that! When the male somehow got past their security detail and rushed towards the two, the Argo director immediately stepped in front of the guy as Jen stepped back from the situation.

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In the video obtained by, Ben then could be heard saying “whoa, whoa, whoa” and pushed the man away. Their bodyguards soon intervened, grabbing the person’s wrists and pushing him back from the pair. Once the coast was clear, Bennifer continued walking into the airport towards their gate.

That is one way to finish out Venice! In all seriousness, though, we can imagine someone suddenly charging at the twosome must have been scary, and we are glad the brief encounter turned out okay. You can take a look at the video and photos of the moment HERE.

Fortunately, Ben and Jen’s trip seemingly went off without a hitch before the incident. The lovebirds were in town for the Venice Film Festival, where the Gone Girl star attended the premiere for his latest film, The Last Duel, and Bennifer made their long-awaited red carpet debut.

Here is hoping this ordeal didn’t put a damper on their visit — especially since they have the Met Gala coming up!

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