Blueface Continues to Question His Young Son on Whether He’s Gay Despite Backlash

When pressing his 6-year-old son Javaughn about his sexuality, the ‘Crazy in Love’ star admits that he’ll be ‘upset,’ if the boy is gay ‘but I will still love you.’

AceShowbizBlueface was seemingly unbothered by backlash over his parenting style. Despite previously landing in hot water for asking whether his son Javaughn was gay, the “Thotiana” rapper continued pressing the 6-year-old with the same question.

In a video shared on Instagram Story on Monday, July 31, the emcee could be seen sitting next to the young boy while sitting his baby daughter on his lap. In the clip, he asked Javaughn, “Are you gay?”

“Hey guys, he’s not gay. We got hope. Do you know what gay is?” Blueface added. In response, Javaughn replied, “No, I really don’t…. What else you got? What else you got?”

“Ok well, if you ever decide to be gay, I’ll be upset, but I will still love you,” the “Crazy in Love” star explained. “And I will still support you and take care of you.” Doubling down his answer, the boy stressed, “I’m not that.”

Blueface came under fire in July for offering to show Javaughn stripper booty cheeks while filming a video with some half-naked women. At that time, he told his child while they were in a pantry, “Son, come here. It’s booty cheeks out here and you’re in here looking for chips and Slim Jims. You ain’t gay is you?”

Many have since dragged Blueface, with one writing, “Why are you willing to expose this innocent child to that foolishness?” Another argued, “Let the boy get his snacks… this so inappropriate.. damn near mental abuse.”

“That child hungry cause y’all not feeding him & you ask em if he gay ?!? If that ain’t ignorant idk what is . Definitely need them ppl called on y’all !” someone else fumed. A different individual raged, “First off he too young to be pushing that kid into that the boy hungry he dnt care about no dancers or a**.”

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