‘My boyfriend was high on anaesthesia at the dentist he forgot we were dating’

The side effects of anaesthesia have made many people say some wild things after a visit to the dentist — but one bloke completely forgot who his girlfriend was.

A woman, who posts online under the username @booperzo, captured the hilarious moment her boyfriend forgot they were dating after he had his wisdom teeth removed.

In the clip, which has gained more than 4.1million likes, the lass was seen trying to take hold of her boyfriend's hand when he screamed: "I have a girlfriend!"

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To which, she sarcastically replied: "Sorry", as a woman was heard howling with laughter in the background asking if she managed to record it.

The lad then said: "She's crazy."

When the woman in the background asked: "Why's she crazy?" he added: "Cause she tried to touch me and I have a girlfriend."

His girlfriend, who was actually sitting right next to him, then grabbed his hand again.

"Who are you?" he yelled.

The woman, who was sitting off camera, said: "She's your girlfriend."

The lad was left in disbelief as he said: "What?! You're my girlfriend?!"

When she confirmed that, he touched his finger to her nose and asked: "Who am I? Your boyfriend?"

She again said "yes", to which, he replied: "No way!"

The hysterical clip has since been shared online with the caption: "My boyfriend found out we were dating today."

TikTok viewers were left in hysterics over the clip as they took to the comments to praise the lad for remaining loyal to his girlfriend, even though he couldn't remember her.

One user said: "He didn’t remember who his gf was but he knew he had one and he wanted to stay loyal."

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Another added: "Aw at least you know he’s loyal."

A third commented: "He's a keeper."

"No bc I would fall in love all over again," a fourth wrote.

The effects of the pain relief have since worn off as the couple has posted a number of videos together since then — with his memory intact.

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