Tom Hanks has always defended his wife after sickening remarks from body-shamers

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Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson’s bond has wowed fans over the years and having been together for over 30 years, their connection is unbreakable.

So when fans came for Rita’s body image, Tom was the first person to run to her defence and passionately praised her beauty.

It came after Rita had been reportedly experiencing weight fluctuations in the past few years for various reasons, including using food as a source of comfort during stressful times, which resulted in her gaining weight.

Sadly, the extra pounds didn’t go unnoticed by fans as she was met with negative comments and was being body-shamed by trolls.

Fans would comment under selfies the couple shared on social media, with some comparing Tom’s “great shape” to Rita’s “flabby” body.

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Even with the cruel online trolling, Tom’s undying love for Rita still remained strong.

The Forrest Gump star was quick to clap back at the trolls by noting that she’s “extremely brave and beautiful,” regardless of her weight.

It’s not the first time the Emmy Award-winning actor has defended his wife against fans.

In June 2022, Tom yelled “back the f**k off” at an aggressive mob of fans who surrounded them as they left a restaurant in midtown New York.

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The Saving Private Ryan star had rushed to protect his wife after she was knocked over by the crowd, resulting in her losing her footing.

As the Runaway Bride actress attempted to regain her composure, she shouted “Stop it!” and held up her hands.

After checking on his wife, Tom then turned to the crowds and bellowed: “My wife? Back the f**k up! Knocking over my wife?!” before the couple quickly dashed to the safety of a waiting car.

Although one fan sheepishly apologised for their actions, shouting “Sorry about that,” to Tom and Rita as they sped off in their car.

The loved-up couple met on the set of Bosom Buddies in 1981, where they remained friends until their relationship turned into romance four years later while filming Volunteers.

Then in 1988, after Tom divorced his first wife, Samantha Lewes, the pair finally tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony that saw Rita in an iconic short wedding dress that went on to make headlines at the time.

Since then, they have been married for 35 years and share two sons, Chet, 32, and Truman, 27.

Both of their children have followed in their parents’ acting footsteps after working in various fields of the industry.

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