Brandon Gibbs’ Parents ERUPT on 90 Day Fiance Over Hickey, Wedding Date: We Control You!

Brandon Gibbs’ parents mandated separate rooms, interrogated Julia about birth control, and set her to work on the farm.

That was just the beginning. A freakout over a small hickey turned into a meltdown over Brandon and Julia’s wedding date.

Before we get into what happened in the outrageous clip that we have included, we need to set the context.

There was an entire long, long day of nonsense that came before the awkward, divisive dinner.

It started at 4:30AM, when Brandon got up early in his own, unshared bedroom to head to work as an exterminator.

Seven hours later, Julia awoke at a more sensible time for anyone not being paid to awaken in the pre-noon darkness.

She was all alone on a strange farm in total isolation.

And though she had never asked for them, she had chores to do.

Julia went out to feed the livestock … or try to.

She ended up trying to “bargain” with the chickens in exchange for eggs.

Betty’s tour of the farm and the list of the mandatory tasks that Julia would need to perform was a lot to take in; no wonder she forgot some of them.

Fortunately, the family friend Aspen came by to lend Julia a hand.

Of course, Aspen also judged her for “slacking” — for getting up at a normal time.

She told her that the animals need to be fed at 7AM … in the morning.

This was astonishing to Julia because, well, that’s a ridiculous time for a human to be awake for free.

If you’re being paid, sure. If you have kids, of course.

But on her own, she’s a professional nightclub dancer in her 20s. 7AM is a more reasonable bedtime than it is a viable time to wake up.

After once again feeding the livestock and especially dealing with the pigs, Julia has given this a very fair shake.

Despite approaching it with an open mind, she cannot see herself doing this.

It’s not just long term worries — she doesn’t want to keep doing this until she and Brandon marry, either. And who could blame her? This isn’t for everyone.

When Brandon finally came home, however, he just … went to his room.

He didn’t stop by to give Julia a hug or a kiss.

Maybe it’s his post-work routine or maybe he just wanted to freshen up before saying hello, but Julia didn’t care for that.

Instead, she went to see Brandon.

She told him in no uncertain terms that this is just not working out or making her happy.

It’s not about him — she loves Brandon. It’s the attached baggage that is making her absolutely miserable.

Brandon tries to get Julia to see this as an “opportunity.”

Translation: he doesn’t want to argue with his mother because she always wins.

It would be much more convenient if Julia could just go along with whatever Betty demands until the two of them are on their own.

However, the two of them went to dinner.

This is where Julia first met Pop Pop, Brandon’s grandfather.

He was friendly — very friendly — with Julia, and was happy to see his grandson.

Of course, speaking to the camera, Pop Pop did share his concerns.

He seemed less worried about Julia being a scammer and more about it not ending well.

Producers were there asking him leading questions, so … we’ll take that with a grain of salt.

Julia has been wearing turtlenecks around the house for a couple of days to cover up a mild hickey.

Tonight, she is wearing a big fur trim coat to keep her neck hidden.

Somehow, Betty spots the hickey — shown here being deliberately exposed for the cameras, mystifying Julia as to how Betty could have spotted it.

At this point, Betty and Ron begin scolding their son — a grown man — for, what, kissing his fiancee?

Pop Pop is totally weirded out by their over-the-top controlling behavior.

He asks them to stop, but Ron and Betty keep on. Awkward.

Then Brandon and Julia reveal, in response to Pop Pop’s question, that they’ve chosen a wedding date.

That’s great news … to Pop Pop.

Betty sounds taken aback — not only that they’ve chosen a date, but that they didn’t, what, seek her approval for it?

“May 9,” they reveal, will be the wedding date. Why? It’s their anniversary.

Betty and Ron immediately say that this is not a good day, as Saturday, May 9 is on Mother’s Day Weekend.

They insist that this means that Brandon and Julia must pick a new wedding date.

Brandon actually stands his ground on the wedding date, resulting in an immediately frustrated Betty, who must control everything at all times.

When Pop Pop goes to write down the date for him to remember, Betty tries to get him to stop, because that is how confident she is that she’s going to veto Brandon’s wedding plans.

It’s not clear how much his exterminator job is paying him, but Julia and Brandon need to get the hell out of there and never look back.

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