Brielle Biermann Reveals Major Jaw Surgery And Months-Long Recovery: 'I Really Had No Option'

Get well soon, Brielle Biermann!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann‘s 24-year-old daughter revealed on Monday night that she has been going through it for a while now — since August 23, to be exact. It was that day she went under the knife for serious, non-aesthetic jaw surgery to correct some long-standing breathing and biting issues.

The Don’t Be Tardy star published a carousel of pictures on her Instagram account showing the bruised and battered aftermath of the major surgery. Along with them, Brielle explained how sucking her thumb for years as a small child combined with some TMJ issues in her jaw had made it hard for her to bite, chew, and eat.

The reality TV starlet and self-proclaimed “spicy pisces” explained the whole situation to her 1.3 million IG followers on Monday night (below):

“sooooo… i had double jaw surgery on august 23 to correct my tmj & 9 mm overjet overbite. this was NOT for aesthetics but for quality of life. I sucked my thumb til i was 9 ishhh which made the roof of my mouth suuuuuper narrow and my excessive overbite cause my teeth to have no contact whatsoever.”


It might sound like a minor thing if you’ve never experienced any sustained jaw pain issues. But as Brielle herself has known for too long now, jaw problems can be hell on a person’s eating habits, ability to breathe, and sleep patterns, among other problems.

Brielle enlightened her followers further, by adding:

“have you ever thought about what it’s like to not be able to bite into pizza? or omg trying to bite into an onion on a burger? impossible for me. i had to use my tongue to help me chew and almost choked every time i ate. that lisp some of y’all complained about? thank the overbite for that as well. i was so scared…”

Poor girl! Thankfully, even though she’s only a couple weeks into a several-month recovery, it sounds like things are going pretty well for Brielle already. After praising the medical team that has overseen her health through this whole process, the reality star also shared that she’s already noticing some improvements to her jaw-related sleep and breathing problems:

“i got thru the first two weeks, which are supposed to be the hardest, easy breezy! i already feel more aligned and can breathe way better, especially at night when i would snore and have to breathe thru my mouth. i got my braces put on in November (SO NO VENEERS CLEARLY!) and tried my hardest to hide them because honestly, who at 24 years old wants to look like they did in middle school again? not me! I was told in august 2020 if i did not get braces and get this surgery i would crack my back 4 teeth and never be able to eat again by the time i was 27 so i really had no option… and man am i so thankful i did it already!!”

There’s just one final frontier ahead: solid food!

As the beauty guru explains, she’s still got some recovery time ahead of her before she can really indulge:

“eating thru a syringe has really sucked now im on to baby spoons and soups or smoothies thru a cup but it’s still difficult. if you have any recipes for food that tastes good blended please let me know!!! i keep telling Tracey please don’t let me get hungry enough to where you blend a burger… that sounds so gross lol but i did blend Mac n cheese and ravioli already and let me tell you… deeeeeliciousssss. but never again. i think it was all the pain meds lol. anyways, that’s what’s been happening in my life the past 2 weeks. 4 more til i can eat pasta and soft foods and 3 months til pizza!!! counting down the days literally.”

Jeez! She’s still got a long way to go! Here is Brielle’s full post (below), notable for her frank openness in showing off post-surgery recovery pics with her jaw looking battered and bruised:

A post shared by snorlax (@briellebiermann)


Chipmunk cheeks are cute, but man… Nothing about this looks “easy breezy” to us! Just saying, she’s clearly a tough chic! Like Brielle, now we’re also counting down the days until she’s got a clean bill of health, solid food on the menu, and no more post-surgery pain.


What say U, Perezcious readers? Sound off with your well wishes for Kim’s recovering daughter down in the comments (below)!

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