6 Best Spider Catchers 2021 | The Sun UK

SPIDER season has arrived, so we take a look at the best spider catchers you can buy right now.

According to the Natural History Museum, autumn is mating season for house spiders which is why you’re more likely to see them prowling around your bathroom or hallway at this time of year: they’re not looking for you, they’re looking for love.

Which is probably why “spider catcher extra long handle” is such a common search term on online shopping sites at this time of year.

Many people are terrified of the eight-legged critters however house spiders are actually quite beneficial to have around because they catch and eat other smaller household pests including flies, midges, moths and mosquitoes.

But if you must evict them, please forget the jam jar technique, for it will only lead to broken legs on their side and heartache on yours.

Do it quickly, professionally, humanely and with less screaming with one of these specially designed spider catchers.


Warning: This article contains images of spiders that may disturb some readers.

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