Bryan Kohberger's Sister Starred in Horror Movie Where Victims Are Stabbed to Death

Bryan Kohberger is accused of committing a murder that has markings of a horror movie … a movie in which his own sister starred.

Amanda Kohberger has a single movie credit … “Two Days Back,” shot in 2011. The premise — a group of students who are viciously stabbed to death with knives and other weapons.

The group of “environmentally-conscious students” take a hike in the woods. Their mission is to catch people who are illegally foresting.

The murderer befriends the group of students and then begins the massacre.

The director, Kevin Boon, was shocked when he learned of the connection between Amanda and her brother … “You’re f***ing kidding me, her brother is that guy?” Boon told the New York Post. He had kind words for Amanda, saying she was “a lovely woman who was very nice. I liked her a lot.”

As you know, Bryan Kohberger is accused of butchering 4 University of Idaho students to death as they slept in their beds.


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