Chelsea Houska: Does Daughter Aubree Ever See Her Half-Sister?

Now that Chelsea Houska has left Teen Mom 2, many fans have found themselves reflecting on the ups and downs of her decade as one of the show’s most beloved stars.

These days, Chelsea is the most popular Teen Mom, and she’s living out a fairy tale happy ending with her husband and three children.

(Houska is currently pregnant with her fourth, who is expected to arrive in February.)

But if you’re a longtime TM2 fan, we don’t need to tell you that Chelsea’s life wasn’t always so picture perfect.

In fact, in her early days on the show, Houska was a walking cautionary tale.

That’s mainly a result of her relationship with Adam Lind, which, thankfully, was severed long ago.

Of course, Chelsea and Adam will always be tied to one another as a result of the fact that they share a daughter,11-year-old Aubree.

Fortunately, Adam signed away his parental rights back in 2018.

The move freed him from paying child support, but stripped him of the right to even visit Aubree.

Lind worked out a similar arrangement with Paislee, his daughter by Taylor Halbur.

As fans have looked back at Chelsea’s many struggles during her decade in the spotlight, many have come to wonder if the two half-sisters have any contact with one another.

And we’re pleased to report that the answer is yes.

In a recent interview with UK tabloid The Sun, Halbur opened up about the relationship between Aubree and Paislee, and she revealed that the girls have remained close despite the fact that neither of them sees their father anymore.

“With COVID and everything, it threw a wrench in everybody’s schedules,” Taylor said.

“I know Chelsea and I, especially during winter time and the school time, our schedules are so busy. And then with COVID on top of it, we aren’t able to get them together as often as we would like at this point.,” she continued.

“Eventually we’ll get back to that place where we’ll be able to get the girls together at the park or movies,” she continued.

“Once all the COVID stuff dies down I think it’ll be a lot easier.” 

Taylor added that 7-year-old Paislee “loves Aubree so much.” 

As for Adam, it seems he hasn’t been present in Paislee’s life any more than he’s been a part of Aubree’s.

“He hasn’t reached out at all. I honestly could not tell you where he’s at,” she told The Sun.

“I haven’t heard a single thing about him. He’s a ghost. I have no clue where he’s at or what he’s doing.”

Halbur added that she’s “okay with” the current arrangement, as it enabled her husband to adopt Paislee.

There’s been talk of Chelsea’s husband, Cole DeBoer, adopting Aubree, but that has yet to transpire.

Here’s hoping some papers will be signed in 2021, so that both girls can have the dads they deserve!

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