Donald Trump Promises He'll Only Be a 'Dictator' On Day One If Elected President

Donald Trump made an ominous promise Tuesday night … he promises if he’s elected President again he will be a dictator … but only for a short time.

Trump was front and center at a Fox News town hall when Sean Hannity asked him if he had plans to abuse power if elected. Sounds like a crazy question, but you may recall Trump has been talking about retribution against his enemies if he gets back in The White House.

Trump was clear … yes, he would be a dictator on Day 1, but not thereafter. And, he said, on Day 1, he would unilaterally close the border and create a clear path for oil drilling.

Here’s the thing … if you look at the history of dictators in the world, they generally don’t give up power once they attain it.

The other thing … when Trump says he’d be a dictator for a day, it’s not clear what that means in reference to the border and drilling. If he’s talking about executive orders — something presidents have in their toolbox of power — that’s not dictatorial. So it’s interesting he embraced the word “dictator.”

Donald Trump on The Campaign Trail

One more thing … during the grievance-filled show, Trump said, “I often say Al Capone, he was one of the greatest of all time if you like criminals. He was a mob boss the likes of which — Scarface they called him — and he got indicted once. I got indicted 4 times.”

Sorry, Donald, Al’s got you beat. Capone was indicted 6 times.

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