JSO push single in the hope that it becomes Christmas number one

Just Stop Singing! Eco-zealots push single by weepy wannabe pop star who shut down M25 in the hope that it becomes Christmas number one (with the help of Chris Packham)

An eco-zealot famous for crying on a motorway gantry is trying to hit Christmas No 1 and ruin a bid for the late Shane MacGowan to take the festive crown.

Just Stop Oil fanatic Louise Harris has recorded a song called ‘We Tried’, which could well prove to be prophetic if she fails to take the top spot.

Chiming with what she is best known for, the music video features her crying for around five minutes.

Her attempt at Christmas No 1 has been backed by television environmentalist Chris Packham as well as bonafide music legend Brian Eno.

In a non-too cheery press release, Ms Harris said: ‘I wrote ‘We Tried’ back in July 2022, three days after my 24th birthday, an age which children born today may never reach. The song expresses feelings of grief, anger, a longing to be taken somewhere else, and exhaustion at living in a world where you are constantly being gaslit – by the media, politicians, and, hardest of all, by people you love.

‘The message of my song and video is this: The climate crisis affects me and my family, you and yours. No-one is exempt. It has been created by a few handfuls of people in power who, I’ve concluded, must not know what love is. But what matters is – I know what love is. You know what love is. We know. And together, we outnumber the people in power 8 billion times over. So what are we waiting for? We must come together, and act – not as individuals, but as a collective – through civil disobedience; protest; a mass movement. Can we truthfully say ‘we tried’?

The song is no jolly tune and Chris Packham says it is ‘f****** horrific, terrifying and tragic’

Ms Harris in happier times raising a glass or two of wine in celebration on social media

‘Where are all the songs and films and plays about this life-threatening emergency? Music and art have a unique power to move people emotionally, and empower them into action. Historically, they have been instrumental in bringing about social change, in sparking revolutions. It’s time to do it again. After all – if art can’t change the world, what can?’

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Harris recently sang the song outside of Rishi Sunak’s house as part of a Just Stop Oil protest and was arrested.

In an effort to promote the record, JSO also released testimonials from celebrities, one of who called it ‘horrific, terrifying and tragic’.

Brian Eno said: ‘This beautiful and moving song is a powerful weapon. We need to wake up to the cowardly inertia of our governments, to the greedy shortsightedness of business-as-usual, and to the numbing distractions of the media.

‘This song woke me up. I hope it gets centuries of airtime.’

Chris Packham mused: ‘It’s a beautiful song. It’s melodic. It’s ‘catchy’, it’s ‘pop’, it’s ‘sing-along’. It’s lovely, isn’t it…? No, it isn’t. It’s f****** horrific, terrifying and tragic. Listen to it, hear every desperate note, each lingering plea. Don’t just look at, see the pictures.

‘Read the music, read the room, our planet’s youth in abject distress. This is their voice, their cry, their tears laid bare. So ask yourself: do you want this to be the ultimate anthem for doomed youth, a threnody for their funeral? It’s beautiful, beautiful for its razor sharp honesty, beautiful for its truth, beautiful for its purity of frightened heart. Please listen, please learn, please act.’

The prolific activist, was also spared jail in summer 2020 for trying to tie herself to goal posts during Tottenham Hotspur’s clash with West Ham

Just Stop Oil activist Louise Harris, 25, a wannabe vegan popstar from Harpenden, has released a new music video where she cries into the camera

Ms Harris, who once likened herself to a prisoner of war because football fans pelted her with drinks after she invaded the pitch at a Premier League game, has also shared a link to a GoFundMe page for her 2024 ‘Climate’ album, which will feature the song.

In it, she explains that she needs to raise £20,000 to record six songs that ‘could mobilise millions of people into the climate movement’ and in order to do so couldn’t ‘waste time in a meaningless job just to pay the bills.’

It came after a sustained period of demonstrations by the eco-group who have forced the Metropolitan Police to make over 500 arrests in just 12 days.  

She was mocked on social media last year for weeping on the gantry over Britain’s busiest motorway as she declared: ‘You might hate me for doing this. I’m here because I don’t have a future.’ 

She and other campaigners would go on to spend a month in HMP Wandsworth for the trouble while awaiting their hearing.  

Ms Harris also shared a link to a GoFundMe page for her 2024 ‘Climate’ album where she hopes to raise £20,000

Describing her activism on her GoFundMe page, Ms Harris described how she wanted her song to ‘be a wake-up call for anyone who is simply going about their ordinary life.’ 

But since posting her appeal online, she has been mocked by some and accused of being a ‘scrounger.’ 

Taking to the replies below her post on X, one person said: ‘As parodies go, this is hilarious! Great job, love.’

Another said: ‘Another scrounging loser. Get a job to pay for your album.’

One said the video, in which Ms Harris cries directly into the camera, was bordering on funny. 

They said: ‘Seriously, is this a meant to be a joke? Members of the Just Stop Oil doomsday cult seem to get more and more bizarre.’   

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