The legendary viral gems that could fit in a Grand Theft Auto UK

If Grand Theft Auto was set in the UK: Fans share iconic viral moments which could make up Britain’s version of GTA – from THAT New Year’s Eve portrait to Mr Bean’s mini

Grand Theft Auto is famed for cheekily poking fun at pop culture, from mocking celebrities with sneering caricatures to lampooning viral internet sensations. 

The irreverent crime-shooter – based in the USA but played across the world by millions – has included savage parodies of Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise, Die Hard’s Bruce Willis and Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg.

While the trailer for its latest game, GTA VI, included a nod to a hammer-wielding American woman dubbed ‘LA Susan’, who became an infamous internet sensation in 2020 following her foul-mouthed rampage, smashing up a neighbour’s car. 

Now, fans of the series have been imaging what legendary viral moments in British culture could make the cut, if developers Rockstar ever made a UK version of the hit multi-billion pound gaming series.

Among the Brit internet gems social media users have championed included a photo of drunken New Year’s Eve carnage, dubbed Manchester’s ‘Michelangelo’, which led to wave of hilarious memes when a snap of the raucous street scene went viral.

The scene of New Year’s Eve mayhem in Manchester went viral with people making their own memes

Creative users on social media photoshopped one of the men into Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam which was painted between 1511 and 1511 

Fans also photoshopped iconic British character Mr Bean riding his mini, into a GTA-style scene

The picture of the mayhem looked like a tableaux of drunkenness, with police grappling with a young man in the foreground while being shouted by a woman in a fur coat, as a group of youths clutched takeaway boxes during the chaos. 

Meanwhile, an older man dressed all in blue lies splayed in the middle of the road, clutching a beer bottle in his outstretched hand while his T-shirt rides up over his exposed belly. 

Another person on X – formerly Twitter – went a step further, and photoshopped iconic British comedy character Mr Bean, into a scene from Grand Theft Auto.

The beloved film and TV star, played by comedy icon Rowan Atkinson, was pictured riding on an arm chair, strapped to his black and yellow mini. 

Much like ‘LA Susan’, other social media users were quick to point towards similarly infamous British viral sensations who should be lampooned by GTA in a UK-based version of the game. 

Among them included Ronnie Pickering, the driver who became a household name in 2015 when his furious outburst from his car was caught on camera, in video viewed by millions.

The former amateur boxer was Mr Pickering was filmed during a road rage confrontation yelling at his victim: ‘Do you know who I am? I’m Ronnie Pickering.’

Ronnie Pickering went viral for his furious road rage outburst 

GTA VI appears to mock the ‘LA Susan’ (right) who went viral in 2020 for her foul-mouthed outburst – with UK fans giving their take on who GTA could parody in a UK version of the game

The angry man went viral after yelling abuse at train passengers on the Tyne and Wear Metro in 2018

Brits have been sharing the viral moments that could be included if a British version of GTA was made 

Mr Pickering – whose supposed notoriety was lost entirely on his target – was recorded losing the rag with a moped rider he blamed for holding up traffic.

The hot headed motorist can be seen wrangling for space with his two-wheeled road rival as the pair drive along Wawne Road in Bransholme, Hull, before screaming in a fit of rage. 

Other larger-than-life British characters social media users wanted to see lampooned in a UK GTA included notorious football fan known as the Wealdstone Raider. 

The raider – real name Gordon Hill, 57 – rose to infamy after following a YouTube video where he offered out rival supporters, declaring ‘You want some, I’ll give it ya’. 

The original video of Mr Hill, a builder, went viral in March 2013 and has been seen by millions of people around the globe.

It features him at the grounds of Whitehawk FC as they took on his beloved Wealdstone FC.

Other social media users wanted to see a parody of the ‘Wealdstone Raider’, pictured

Some made cheeky reference to quotes from viral videos – like this one from a cheeky motorist who tells the driver of a crashed car “you can’t park there, mate” as he passes.

And then there was this… a man strolling the street with his emu on a lead

It was filmed by Whitehawk supporter Darren Ward and escalated when he realised he was being videoed.

He reeled off phrases he has now become renowned for, including ‘You want some, I’ll give it ya’ and ‘You’ve got no fans’.

The unlikely social media star later admitted being mildly drunk and losing his temper.

But he insisted he only kicked off because he thought the rival fans were mocking his appearance and his speech impediment.

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