Dr Ranj Singh sets record straight on reason he was rushed to hospital

Dr Ranj Singh discusses his mental health on Morning Live

BBC’s Dr Ranj Singh has hit out at “plonkers” today as he set the record straight on the real reason for his sudden hospital visit – complications from food poisoning.

Some Twitter users had claimed he was taken ill due to a vaccine – but he asked them in no uncertain terms to “get a grip” as he took to Instagram.

The 44-year-old confirmed in an update to his 347,000 followers: “Unfortunately I had dehydration after a bout of food poisoning.”

He continued: “Luckily I got great care from our NHS and was discharged home after some fluids to recover!”

Discussing the rumours circulating about him, he added: “Unfortunately there are some absolute plonkers on social media (Twitter) who think my recent hospital stay was something to do with vaccines.

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“It wasn’t. Honestly, get a grip!” the dismayed doctor fired back, inserting an emoji of a man with his head in his hands.

It isn’t the first time Ranj has lost his patience with the micro-blogging site, telling fans last month of his plans to close his account permanently in favour of Instagram.

“I think it’s finally time to say goodbye to Twitter,” he wrote on the app, now known as X, adding: “It started off as such a fun place, but it’s become horribly unkind.”

Meanwhile, his medical emergency sadly resulted in him missing his scheduled slot on BBC One’s Morning Live.

He had previously told concerned followers via his Stories: “Not quite where I was expecting to end up today… thank you Manchester Royal for looking after me.”

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The lack of detail about the reason for his admission had been the cause of some jumping to the wrong conclusion, after they’d seen a snap of him with a cannula in his arm.

Meanwhile, the GP recently spoke up about Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby’s former This Morning co-host, after he departed from the show following what Phillip had described as an “unwise but not illegal” affair with a male colleague.

Dr Ranj asked for members of the public to be “kind” and avoid “trolling”, suggesting that he’s “not in an easy place”.

He told Mail Online: “I don’t necessarily agree with what has happened with Phillip and what he has done, and as Carolyn McCall has said, it was inappropriate.”

However, he added: “I think we have to careful when we are responding to people like that, that we don’t go too far.”

Dr Ranj had been regularly appearing on ITV’s This Morning as a doctor since 2016, but he left the show over a year ago.

The award-winning presenter is now enjoying working on Morning Live and made a surprise appearance at the British Transplant Games last week, which raises awareness of those requiring organ donations.

The four-day sporting event involves around 1000 transplant athletes, plus those who support them.

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