I transformed my home into a pink paradise… even my bin bags are my fave colour – I love it but trolls say it's tacky | The Sun

A PINK superfan has hit back at trolls that call her fuschia-filled apartment “tacky”.

Maddison Callaway even uses pink BIN BAGS in her home because she loves the colour so much. 

The TikTok content creator regularly shares clips of her unique pad on the popular video sharing app.

Everything is in a hue of pink – from the glittery doors and padded furniture to the coat hangers and bin bags. 

She also furnishes her home with glittery pillows to accentuate the girly vibe inside. 

There’s a pink water fountain, pink mesh canopy over the bed, pink princess-style mirrors dotted around the walls and a fluffy pink rug under her double bed.

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In the kitchen, every cupboard door has been painted pink to match the bright walls.

Trolls have mocked her out-there décor and claimed it wasn’t “worth it” to lose her rental deposit.

But Maddison doesn’t care and keeps adding pink decorations and glitter accents to the home.

She says she decorated her studio apartment this way to “heal her inner child” and doesn't listen to trolls who call it tacky.

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In a retaliation video, Maddison responded that "what’s tacky is leaving negative comments".

Also in response to trolls, there is a pink neon sign above her fireplace that reads: “The world is yours.”

Fans of her decorative style often jump to her defence against trolls, including on a video where she showcased the pink length of her room. 

“Girl, don’t listen to these people with no creativity,” one assured. 

“I love the pink and the way you decorated your place.

“It’s so cute.”

“You inspire me to make my one-bedroom apartment more girly!” another said. 

“I've always thought of using my room as a closet.”

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