‘I’m scared’ Jeremy Clarkson, 61, details fear of falling at home in candid health remarks

Clarkson's Farm: Jeremy announces a second series of the show

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Jeremy Clarkson has admitted he is more concerned about falling over than he has ever been in his life. The former Top Gear host, who is no stranger to risking his life or serious injury driving fast cars around a track, said that at 61, falling and injuring himself in his day-to-day life has become a “realistic worry”.

Jeremy said he fears falling over at home or while working on his farm in the Cotswolds.

He joked about causing an earthquake as he recalled climbing over a gate in the fields.

At home, he said getting out of the shower caused him a lot of worry as the potential for injury was high because of the slippery surfaces.

Getting undressed before bed at night time was also a concern, due to the need to balance on one leg.

“You should see me getting out of the shower. I’m always worried that when I lift one foot over the edge of the tray, the other will lose traction and I’ll fall over, landing chin first on the edge of the bath,” he wrote in his latest column for the Sunday Times.

“I am similarly scared when I’m taking off my trousers at night because at one point I have to balance on one leg and what if it’s not up to the job?” he added.

“This is a realistic worry. Because when you are 61 and you weigh as much as a railway locomotive, you are constantly aware that your knees are only any good at keeping you upright.

“They cannot absorb any sort of impact at all, which means you can no longer jump off anything. Not even a small step,” he mused.

Jeremy also admitted that test driving low grip cars, something he used to love to do, now “frightens” him as well.

The Grand Tour star said he was “quite a timid” driver now.

After a busy year filming his Amazon Prime series and working on his Diddly Squat Farm, Jeremy appears to be enjoying a well-earned break.

He recently uploaded two pictures to Instagram of stunning coastal landscapes.

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In his latest update, the TV star shared an idyllic snap of a small island surrounded by the sea.

“Croatia. Smaller than it looks on the maps,” he quipped.

“Is that Rogoznica?” one follower asked, in the comments section of the post, referring to the popular village on the Dalmatian coast.

“Close,” the presenter replied.

“New Grand Tour special Jeremy?” another user asked, but the ex-Top Gear presenter did not dish any details.

However, others thought it would be a good idea to film a travel show with his Clarkson’s Farm co-star Kaleb Cooper.

“Do a travel program with Kaleb,” one person said.

“That actually sounds brilliant,” another remarked.

“That’s the best idea ever,” a third added in agreement.

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