Jeremy Clarkson reassures Kaleb Cooper ‘nothing has died yet’ after being left in charge

Jeremy Clarkson discusses the success Clarkson's farm

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, felt he needed to send his farm worker Kaleb Cooper, 22, some reassurance while he was away on holiday, having left Diddly Squat farm in the presenter’s hands. And the TV star wanted his biggest critic to know that the 1,000 acre estate is absolutely fine under his watch, and that all is as how he left it… for the now.

I’m in complete charge of the farm, all by myself!

Jeremy Clarkson

It comes as he chatted to Radio 2’s Zoe Ball on her breakfast show on Friday.

Live on-air, Jeremy then personally addressed his 22-year-old farm-hand.

“How is Kaleb, Jeremy?” Zoe was keen to find out.

“I’ll tell you exactly how he is, he’s on holiday!” The Grand Tour star exclaimed as Zoe was surprised he got the time off.

“He’s gone to the seaside; he’s never had a holiday before and now it’s all gone to his head,” he continued.

“Now he’s just sent me a text saying, ‘You sound hungover.'”

Zoe roared with laughter and as Jeremy realised the fan-favourite was listening to the show, he thought he would quickly point out he had managed to keep things in check while he’s been gone.

“I’m in complete charge of the farm, all by myself!” he told Zoe.

“And Kaleb, I know you’re listening… nothing has died,” he chuckled before quickly adding: “Yet.”

Zoe once again burst out laughing as she chimed: “I was waiting for the ‘yet!'”

Smiling, Jeremy confirmed: “I’ve checked all the cows are still in their fields and everything is fine.

“The hens are fine,” he added, before making a tongue-in-cheek joke about bird flu.

“Everything is just as you left it,” he reiterated to a listening Kaleb.

“I haven’t done anything wrong as far as I know!”

Recently, Jeremy admitted he finally got to “bust” his assistant for making his first mistake on Diddly Squat farm in a whopping two years.

For fans of Clarkson’s Farm, they will know how the young farmer doesn’t hold back when he spots an error made by Jeremy, so we can only imagine this scolding was bitter sweet.

In a recent interview, he giggled as he noted that Kaleb was now “in a sulk” having been picked up for the mistake.

“I was driving past one of the fields in a tractor,” Jeremy said, “then I noticed a strip that hasn’t been seeded.

“So I busted Kaleb for making his first mistake in two years.”

He added, chuckling: “I haven’t seen him all morning. He’s in a sulk!”

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