Kelley Flanagan Says She'd 'Consider' Being The Next Bachelorette After Kicking Pilot Pete To The Curb

Do y’all think Kelley Flanagan has what it takes to be the next leading lady on The Bachelorette?!

It sure seems as though she thinks she can handle it! And maybe she can — goodness knows there’s a lack of good leading ladies (and men!) ready for the spotlight at this point in the franchise’s long, storied history…

On Saturday afternoon, the former Bachelor contestant and one-time post-show girlfriend to ex-leading man Peter Weber answered a fan question about whether she would ever consider becoming the leading lady on The Bachelorette if she were ever to be asked by host Chris Harrison and the show’s producers.

And as you can see (below), the beautiful brunette is definitely open to the possibility… even though no one has asked yet, as far as we know:

Now, our initial reaction upon seeing this was, well, girl, who asked YOU?!

But when you really step back and think about where The Bachelorette is right now, it’s super unclear where the show may get its next bona fide star.

Heck, as you’ll recall, Clare Crawley left her post as leading lady in the very middle of last season’s show, committing to contestant Dale Moss weeks before the finale. Her sudden decision required producers to run and get Tayshia Adams to replace her on short notice and somehow finish the season. Tayshia did fine under the circumstances, of course, but to say the whole thing was supremely f**ked up is the understatement of the year!

And then in the last week or so it’s now been confirmed that Clare and Dale had a horrible split after some kind of sudden falling-out, too, so… yeah… it’s not like these things have been made to last for quite a while.

It’s not just the women, either! To be fair, the Bachelor men have had their fair share of problems and commitment issues, too! Heck, do y’all remember Pilot Pete’s season?! He was not serious about marriage! Which is fine, but he shouldn’t have been leading the show!

So it makes sense that the producers went way off the typical path to find Matt James for the current season of the show — they really needed new blood, and better blood, and people who were/are interested in something more than just signing post-show Instagram deals and going on DWTS! Just saying!

Anyways, with that whole thing on your radar now, could Kelley possibly be the future Bachelorette?

Hey, anything is possible, right? Especially with some of the stuff that has happened to former leads…

What do U say, Perezcious readers?!

We’ll leave this one to you… comment down (below) with whether you think she has what it takes to make it as the show’s lovesick lead!

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