Kendall Jenner got excessive lip fillers and they look completely painful

In her “early years” as a model, Kendall Jenner got some credit for not being as tweaked as her sisters, and for being more natural-looking in general. Honestly, I liked her old look – she was fresh-faced and kind of a throwback to the more normal-looking models of the 1970s. She looked like a young Ali MacGraw, that’s what I always thought. But then at some point – circa 2016 – Kendall began tweaking her face. At first, it was a bit subtle, like “oh, maybe she got some lip fillers.” But I’ve noticed in recent years, Kendall is tweaking just as much as her other sisters.

Kendall is usually a little bit tricky about how she shows off her new face work, but she posted this on her Instagram Stories, and now everyone is like “wow, those lip fillers are way too much.” She was being mocked on Twitter.

— Kendall Jenner Argentina (@kendalljenarg) March 21, 2022

It’s just so unnecessary. I really don’t understand why the Jenner sisters have such a complex about their natural lips and their natural faces. I mean, sure, I get why Kylie wanted to change her lips, but that doesn’t explain her constant over-fillered look other than saying “overcompensation.” But Kendall? Her OG face was lovely. She had a healthy, retro vibe which was her unique thing. Now she looks like every other Botoxed, fillered Instagram model. I don’t get it. Note: CB thinks it’s possible that the lips are maybe a filter effect? But I disagree, I think she’s over-filled her lips.

Photos courtesy of Kendall’s social media.

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