Meghan Markle & Prince Harry NOT Invited To Longtime Pal's Wedding – All Because Of Royal Feud!

Oof! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are starting to face more consequences for striking up the royal family feud!

As we all know, things have been very strained between the couple and the royals since they left England in 2020. And matters have only gotten worse as more allegations surface, such as the latest racist royals bombshell. Because of all this, the Archewell founders are now getting ousted from their friend’s wedding!

According to The Sunday Times, Hugh Grosvenor, the 7th Duke of Westminster and supposedly Prince Archie‘s godparent, has refused to invite the Sussexes to his wedding! OMG! A friend of Harry and Hugh’s told the outlet on Saturday:

“It’s incredibly sad it has come to this.”

You can say that again!

Apparently, Hugh just couldn’t imagine including his longtime pal and the Suits alum while also inviting the royals. So, in order to prevent future drama, he decided to pick sides:

“He wanted to avoid anything overshadowing the day, especially for Olivia and doesn’t want any awkwardness.”

The nuptials are expected to take place on June 7 at Chester Cathedral in northwest England, which obviously leaves little room for a (possible though highly unlikely) royal family reconciliation. Regarding that, the confidant went on:

“Hugh is one of very few close friends of William and Harry’s who has maintained strong bonds and a line of communication with both. He wishes they could put their heads together and patch things up, but realizes it’s unlikely to happen before the wedding.”

Sad to see the feud is not only splitting apart a family but friendships, too. But we can understand why the 32-year-old wouldn’t want his special day ruined by issues with the fam or by all the media attention a gathering like this would surely garner. In fact, it’s his past experience watching how royal tensions can ruin a wedding that has him taking his invitations so seriously.

According to the, Hugh was “very conscious” of issues at his sister Lady Tamara Grosvenor‘s wedding to Edward van Cutsem at the same locale in 2004, and he doesn’t want the same thing happening at his. So, what happened back then? Apparently, Queen Camilla was invited to the wedding but was informed she could not sit with King Charles III — and would even have to arrive separately. She’d yet to marry the heir at the time, and since Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were also set to attend the ceremony, it was against protocol for her to be included with the others, a Buckingham Palace courtier said before that wedding. According to author Sarah Bradford, Camilla got so upset by this that both she and Charles refused to attend the wedding.

So, while Hugh wants to invite Harry and Meghan, we get why he’s chosing the safer route! Addressing the snub, a friend of his family told the mag:

“Hugh knows how sensitive wedding invitations can be.”

FWIW, Prince William, Princess Catherine, and Charles all reportedly made the guest list, though it’s unclear if they’ve RSPV’d yet. That said, a spokesperson for the Duke declined to comment on the guest list when approached by People. So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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