The Game Says Soulja Boy Would KO Aaron Carter In A Fight, 'Sloppy Slugfest!'

The Game is already callin’ a Soulja Boy knockout if a fight with Aaron Carter actually goes down … telling TMZ Sports, the boxing match would be a “sloppy slugfest!!!”

If you missed it … Soulja and AC have been going back and forth after the singer called him out for a celeb boxing match … with Draco saying he’d “beat the candy out his pockets!”

We learned there’s an actual offer on the table for this to pop off … and when we told The Game about the possibility, he straight-up said, ‘that’s f**kin’ hilarious!”

“I think it’s gonna be a sloppy slugfest, you know what I’m saying, most definitely,” the 41-year-old rapper told us Thursday.

“But, I think Draco could put him down, man, in about the second round, because I’ve seen Lamar [Odom] and I’ve seen Aaron Carter, and it looked bad for Aaron in there.”

Game is really hyped for this potential rapper vs. singer showdown — unlike critics who cringe at the idea of celebrity boxing.

“You know, with this new wave of fighting … I like it,” Game tells us.

“I like that regular people, rappers, like entertainers, YouTubers are getting a chance to like, you know, dive into other sports.”

Game added, “A lot of people say, ‘oh, we don’t want these people in our sport, like we professional boxers.’ But, didn’t Roy Jones try to rap?”

That he did — Jones, a former heavyweight champ, put out his first rap album back in 2002 — and Game also points out NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who released four rap albums in the ’90s.

“Let people do and be who they want to be, man, and let’s just enjoy it. It’s all entertainment at the end of the day, man, you know what I’m saying.”

Game even says he’s ready to throw down some cash to watch AC and Soulja fight … even if it costs $100!!

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