The Sussexes ‘released their most recent portraits to humiliate the royal family’

Misan Harriman released two portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Monday. It’s been more than forty hours of crying and bleating from the British media ever since. The portraits were done in Manchester, on September 6th, either just before or just after Meghan made her keynote address to the One Young World summit. The photos happened just days before Queen Elizabeth II passed away, and I sort of believe that the original plan was probably for Harriman to release his photos within a week or two of the One Young World summit, but the funeral and mourning period changed everyone’s plans. As it happened, the Sussexes’ portraits came out just two days after Buckingham Palace posted a new portrait of King Charles, Queen Camilla and the Prince and Princess of Wales. They were all dressed in mourning clothes (it was taken the day before QEII’s funeral) and they all looked smug and happy. It was supposed to be “the new Fab Four,” we were told repeatedly. More like the Drab Four, especially seeing Misan Harriman’s lovely photos.

Anyway, in the wake of Harriman’s photos, the British media predictably fell ass-first into a toxic cycle of screaming, crying and throwing up about the Sussexes. Body-language experts were called and they dutifully parroted the Mail’s talking points about how sad and weak Harry looked with a smile on his face and his hand on his wife’s ass. Royal commentators were called to froth at the mouth about how the pure evil on display in the portraits too:

Biographer Tom Bower — who wrote “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors” — told Page Six in an exclusive interview that he “absolutely” believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released their most recent portraits to humiliate the royal family.

“It was all about, we’re back now on course to build Brand Meghan and the book, the Netflix series, the podcast,” he told us. “Everything is money. And to their advantage, they were in the public eye for seven days during the funeral or more, every day they were filmed.”

Bower further compared it to their appearances months earlier during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations where the couple was barely seen.

“They were shuffled off to a window upstairs and hardly seen,” he said contrasting it to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, where “they were center stage.”

“You know, she has really got one interest,” Bower added, “and that’s Meghan and the casualties are the royal family and as far as she’s concerned, that’s terrific.”

[From Page Six]

Imagine your existence, as portrayed in two lovely photos, “humiliating” a whole-ass royal family. That’s what it comes down to – Harry and Meghan’s existence and their ability to survive AND thrive is a slap in the face to the monarchy. HOW DARE THEY!

Also: you can tell the Mail is still really bothered by Harriman’s photos because one of their top stories today is about how one of the photos is reminiscent of a photo of Wallis Simpson. That is… all they have. “Meghan is another Wallis!” *sob*

Photos courtesy of Misan Harriman, Chris Jackson/BP and Backgrid.

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