Demi Lovato Combats Vaccine Misinformation With Phenomenal's "Pro-Vaxxer" Sweatshirt

Demi Lovato is joining forces with Vice President Kamala Harris’s niece, Meena Harris, to dispel misinformation about vaccinations. The world is striving towards herd immunity but falsehoods are spreading almost as quickly as the COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed. Demi and Meena’s Phenomenal brand hope to clear up these misconceptions while simultaneously raising money for a good cause.

Chatting about a sensitive topic like vaccines is no easy feat, but Phenomenal is supplying a simple conversation starter. The brand released a “Pro-Vaxxer” Sweatshirt ($55) to go along with its campaign. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the sweatshirt’s sale will go towards grassroots mobilization and education efforts to disseminate trusted information to communities of color — particularly Black women — about vaccine safety, distribution, and accessibility.

The sweatshirt is an easy first step, but how can we really tackle tough conversations about vaccine misinformation at home? Meena told POPSUGAR it’s all about the resources. “The more we can lead with love and approach these conversations not dismissively, but from a place of understanding and mutual concern, the more people will choose to get vaccinated,” she said. Meena suggested pointing family and friends in the direction of credible sources, like the CDC to help speak truth to their worries.

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