Piers Morgan was dead right to quit Good Morning Britain – we commend him for standing up for his opinions

Cry freedom

PIERS Morgan was dead right to quit ITV and should never have been ordered to make an apology he did not believe in.

We commend him for standing up for his opinions, refusing to backtrack and having the guts to walk out on his favourite job.

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Harry and Meghan had a global platform to speak their “truth”. It is telling that the instant a high-profile broadcaster used HIS platform to speak his “truth” about them, Meghan complained to his bosses.

Telling, but unsurprising. Because we also now learn that their PR contacted the BBC hoping to bias news coverage of the Oprah love-in their way.

The Sun doesn’t wholly agree with Morgan’s dismissive view of the couple.

Meghan may well have been offended by a Royal remark Harry told her was racist.

She may well have suffered mental illness (though we do find it rich that she gives no credence to the trauma of staff she allegedly bullied).

You may or may not agree with Morgan. Free speech is about the right to disagree.

The Sussexes had their say, without any meaningful scrutiny from their interviewer. Morgan should have been allowed his, without being told to make a meaningless apology and losing his job when he refused.

The world is a dangerous place when only one version of events is allowed.  

Left in lurch

CAN Labour sink any lower?

How they clamoured for a vast testing regime — critical, they said, to controlling Covid. Now they see the colossal cost, they bleat it was a waste of money.

Imagine their other policies in action: PPE contracts put out to a laborious tender process, leaving the NHS fatally short for months. The Tories rightly hired virtually anyone who could supply it.

How about the disastrous EU vaccine programme Labour Remainers wanted to join? Or Keir Starmer’s “circuit-breaker” lockdown which failed in Wales?

We pity this once-proud party.

Their MPs are mostly student-union sloganeers — fatally out of touch with working people and endlessly confused by their addiction to leftie “likes” on Twitter.

Pack of liars

DISGRACED by their vaccine rollout, the EU’s leaders finally resort to blatant lies.

Brussels claims our success is at the cost of their citizens’ lives. That we banned exports of our jabs. It is a ­simple, provable falsehood, as they know.

We funded the Oxford jab, exported the expertise to make it worldwide for no profit, and will donate our excess stocks to poor nations. The EU blocked 250,000 jabs bound for Australia.

Remember that confession by ex-EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker? “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.”

They should embroider it on their flag.

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