Embarrassed mum reveals horror of having to go to A&E at 38 weeks pregnant after hair removal cream burnt bits

A HEAVILY pregnant woman ended up in A&E after using hair removal cream on her bits – and burning her skin off. 

The woman, called Clare, decided to do tidy her 'lady garden' – to make herself ‘prettier’ for labour. 

She slathered the cream all over herself, but it wasn’t long before she began to feel a burning sensation. 

Clare tried to wipe off as much as possible, but the damage had been done. 

The mum-to-be shared her hilarious – and painful – story to TikTok, saying: “At 38 weeks pregnant I decided to tidy my lady garden up and put hair remover cream all over it so it would look prettier for labour. 

“After two minutes of it being on I suddenly felt like my [emoji] was on fire. 

“Screaming I ran a bath as quick as I could, dived in and tried to wipe the cream off.”

After an hour her vagina was still burning, so she decided to seek medical advice. 

Clare continued: “After sitting in there for an hour, I got out and realised the skin was broken and bleeding, and it was so swollen it looked like I had grown a [emoji] so I called 111 for advice. 

“They told me to go straight to hospital because I had a chemical burn and needed treatment asap. 

“Arriving at hospital I needed a wee, sitting on the toilet as soon as it came out I screamed the hospital down as it felt so painful. 

“The doctor examined me and said I needed a catheter putting in and to stay in hospital until I could wee properly and for the swelling to go down.”

Clare described the pain of weeing as “like passing razor blades”, adding she had “no skin left”. 

Her hilarious mishap has racked up hundreds of thousands of views, with one person saying: “Legit thought you were going to go into labour when you were having the chemical reaction hope the lady garden is ok.”

Another wrote: “This happened to me once burnt all my skin off.”

A third commented: “Okay I’ve never had it like that, but I’ve made the mistake of using down there and it BURNS.”

While this person joked: “*Throws hair removal cream I also bought to use before labour in the bin*.”

Clare confirmed she made a full recovery, adding: “Happy to report all is well it made a full recovery!

“The lady garden is growing nicely."

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