Ex-Primark worker reveals cheapest thing she has ever sold- and how she would suggest people would go to M&S next door

LET'S be honest – we've pretty much lived in our local Primark since stores reopened on Monday.

But while we can't fault their budget-friendly, trendy clothing ranges, sometimes bagging the best bargain is all about being there at the right place and right time.

One person who knows a little something about this is ex-Primark employee Georgia Pontin.

Last month, the 20-year-old TikTok star revealed the cheapest thing she ever sold while she was working for the brand.

In a viral video, she explained: "In 2017, it was two days before Christmas and we had a lot of Christmas stock that we needed to sell.

"The store manager called me [and my colleague] up to her office to tell us we HAD to sell this one pair of pyjamas that couldn't be left in the shop after Christmas."

Determined to shift the "ugly" Elf-inspired PJs, Georgia and her colleagues put on a pair each and "ran around the shop shouting" about how they'd been reduced to just £1 from £14.

She added: "We sold nearly all of them – I think there was one pair that we didn't sell.

"A lot went to other staff members and we wore them for the rest of the day.

"And there was one guy that came up to us and tried to give us £1 like there and then as if we were just independent sellers – we had to tell him, 'no you have to go to the tills!'

"And that was the cheapest thing I have personally sold at Primark."

What's more, Georgia also revealed the instance where she would direct shoppers to M&S next door.

In a separate video, she described one incident with a customer that "still haunts her to this day".

She explained: "I worked in the bra section, I was the bra lady and I had a lot of people coming up and asking me to size them.

Primark doesn't offer a sizing area so I'd always tell them to go to M&S that was next door because they offer a sizing service.

"Which is understandable but Primark doesn't offer a sizing area so I'd always tell them to go to M&S that was next door because they offer a sizing service.

"Sometimes people just don't take no for an answer. A family came in with their 11-year-old daughter and demanded that I size her and went into a changing room to size her and I said NO.

"That's not my job and it's not allowed. At this point, my dad told me to look at their daughter and tell me what size she would be.

"As a 17-year-old, I felt incredibly uncomfortable and I told them they do training bras in the kids section and it wasn't good enough for them."

Although she repeatedly asked them to get measured in Marks & Spencer, Georgia says the family were "not having any of it" and went on to report her to her manager.

Needless to say, Georgia's followers rallied around her and said the customers were in the wrong.

One replied: "If my parents did someone do that to me when I was 11, I'd cry."

Another added: "Some parents ain't go no sense!"

A third wrote: "Why don't customers understand the phrases, 'we can't do that' or 'we're not allowed to do that.'"

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