Fake tan lover shares routine to cover hands in even colour but it’s ‘giving people anxiety’

GIVING yourself that DIY golden glow isn't always easy, especially when it comes to tricky areas like your hands and feet or even your elbows.

There's always the risk that they'll end up patchy or streaky, but one fake tan fan has revealed their secret to ensuring hands are evenly covered when they apply their self-tanning mousse.

TikTok user @hondroutwins shared the routine they swear by to always leave you with perfectly tanned hands, but they've found themselves going viral online, thanks to the bizarre method giving viewers anxiety.

In the video – that has been watched over 1.2million times – they are seen covering the palm of their hand in two different types of self-tan mousse after tanning their entire body.

With an obvious tan line at their wrist where they've covered their arms in tan, they then begin to rub the mousse into both hands to smooth things out, covering both their palms and the outside of each hand.

"And this is a different fake tan hand routine for your Thursday night," they teased as they filmed themselves smothering their hands in tan.

"Just rubbing it in, doing claw hands and getting those knuckles and those line areas," they add before reaching for a towel.

They continued: "Don't want those palms looking like this, so I got a really wet towel and scrubbed it in that process. Then I rub my hands together again, making sure all those areas look nice.

"I grabbed a wet towel again and just scrubbed off the excess. Look pretty good to me."

Baffled by the amount of tan that was used and the fact it was rubbed heavily into the palms initially, people who came across the video joked they were "scared" for the finished result.

Hundreds of viewers commented, with one person posting: "Pls no this is a nightmare (sic)."


Another said: "I'm scared for your hands."

A third person wrote: "This hurt me to watch," while one more simply shared: "YIKES."

"This gives me anxiety," commented another.

Others, however, weren't so put off and tried and tested the method for themselves, with some fake tan fans being pleasantly surprised by the result.

"I literally follow all of your tanning routines and my tan is superb every time wtf (sic)," said one person.

One viewer commented: "Won't lie at first gave me anxiety but the finish result is alright tbf (sic)."

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