Frazzled mum shares genius way she teaches her kids times tables while homeschooling & it works for spellings too

AS FAMILIES are settling in for a third national lockdown, parents are once again gearing up for day-long homeschooling sessions with the kids.

Looking for an easy way out, one mum thought up a brilliant plan to help her three kids with their maths times tables – and parents are absolutely on board.

Posting in the FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS Facebook group, Megan Clinton shared a snap of her kids perched on armchairs in the living room gripping giant Nerf guns.

While the popular toys don't seem like the obvious weapon of choice when it comes to learning, the aim of the game is to shoot the number on the wall which correctly answers the equation.

Impressed with approach, she captioned the snap: "Learning timestables with fastest finger on the nerf guns," followed by a laughing emoji.

Needless to say, other parents were pretty impressed as well, with many keen to take on the clever method.

"Brilliant, my boys loved shooting targets with their new nerf guns over Christmas but never thought of turning it into a maths lesson! Fab idea," one mum wrote.

And another said: "that's it, I'm buying a Nerf gun! Brilliant."

Many dubbed it "genius" and "brilliant", while many suggested the idea could be used for spelling, too.

Simply swap the numbers for letters on the wall and the kids can shoot at each letter to spell out a word.

One thing's for certain, if there are any Nerf guns left after the post Christmas sales, they definitely won't be available for long – particularly if it helps parents, and kids,through lockdown.

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