Hair Dressers Say This $33 Curling Wand Is a 'Game Changer' for Easy Beach Waves

Similar to the concept of "no makeup, makeup," which can actually require quite a few products, effortless beach waves are not always effortless. Curling irons and wands may be able to help those with straight, fine hair add a little bounce to their locks, but fresh-off-the-beach, high-volume mermaid waves are difficult to achieve — unless you've got the three-barrel Alure Curling Iron Wand, available at Amazon. 

So, what's the difference? A singular one-inch barrel can sometimes leave you with tight, debutante ball-ready ringlets. The triple-barrel design, on the other hand, crimps sections of the hair to create looser, more natural-looking waves. Unlike a traditional crimping device, customers say this tool leaves your hair "silky and wavy" without unwanted creasing.

Alure Three Barrel Curling Iron Wand with LCD Temperature Display

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The three barrels are covered in a protective heated-ceramic coating that heats up quickly — it goes from zero degrees to 410 degrees in just one minute — to deliver "mermaid hair." Note: The temperature on the LED screen display is in Celsius, so keep that in mind when determining your heat level.  

Not only does the tool heat up quickly, but the three barrels also cover more surface area and allow you to style your hair more quickly. One reviewer called the tool "god sent," writes: "I have straight thin hair, and really am not good at styling my hair. I took this out of the box and gave it a whirl and it took me three minutes to get a full beautiful head of wavy beach curls that used to take me an hour and would never hold."

Another shopper who is a hairstylist called it a "game-changer for straight hair." 

Customers with curly hair or natural locks also say it works well for their hair type, writing "Literally obsessed with this item! It gives me the perfect beach waves, that last at least until the next day! So many compliments on my hair. It's hard to have different hairstyles with layers in my hair and medium hair length but this helps so much!!"

Another notable feature? Reviewers love that the tool comes with a long, flexible cord that doesn't get tangled or caught on things, allowing them to move freely about while they style.

To achieve beachy waves from your bathroom, grab the $33 Alure Curling Iron Wand at Amazon, now.

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