How I deal with men who ask me for pictures of myself – it ‘works like a charm’ and you can do it too

PLAYERS are going to play, but one woman refuses to let them get what they want.

That’s why she claimed she found the perfect solution for dealing with men who ask for pictures of herself – and she said it works every time.

“So you’re texting this guy who ends up being a f**kboy and usually you’re above it, but this time around you just really wanna make yourself laugh,” the woman said of a potential unpleasant dating scenario in a video posted to TikTok. 

“Send this text.

“It works like a charm and you’ll thank me later,” she claimed.

She went on to describe the uncomfortable experience she had when she and a guy were talking about when to meet for their first date.

When she told the guy she was going to bed, he complained that she was “leaving” him.

“Let me see ya,” he added, as a request for a picture from her.

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“And this, ladies and gentleman, is what you do,” the TikToker stated.

“Type out ‘Attachment: 1 Image.’”

This makes it look like an image was sent, but had problems loading on the receiver’s phone.

The woman said she did this several times to the guy, who eventually gave up and agreed something must be wrong with his phone and should get it checked.

The annoyed woman ended the conversation on a sassy note: She suggested he get his phone looked at instead of their date. 

Viewers of the TikTok were pleased with the suggestion, with several calling the poster “genius” and applauding her for not putting up with the man’s request.

Others complimented her for catching a "red flag" before she even met him.

For those who want to be able to spot red flags on their own, a relationship expert previously spoke to The Sun about some examples.

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