I bought a second-hand van with my boyfriend at 23 & turned it into a tiny home – complete with sliding toilet & swing | The Sun

A WOMAN has been flooded with praise after revealing how she transformed a second-hand van into her dream tiny home.

Meebs explained how she and her boyfriend bought an old Mercedes sprinter LWB at the age of 23 and set about giving it a total modern makeover – complete with sliding toilet, shower and even a swing.

In a clip posted to TikTok (@vanonamission), she begins: "POV: You and your boyfriend buy a secondhand van at 23-year-old and turn it into your dream tiny home.

"It wasn't in the best condition so gutting it took forever.

"You had to use an angle grinder to cut out the existing floor because it was so damaged.

"You cut multiple holes in the van – and may have also accidentally cut the door off by mistake – oops!"



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Next up, she goes on to say how they set to work insulating and battening the van, before tearing out the old bulkhead wall to create a better one.

She can then be seen lying on a plank of wood and notes: "Checking to see if we'd actually fit in the bed – had to make some wall indents so Will would fit.

"You did all the electrics yourselves without getting electrocuted."

Meebs added that a couple of months in, the van started looking less like a metal box.

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She then notes how she "spent weeks sanding down wooden pallets to use for the ceiling" and mounted 123 beams in total.

It was then a case of starting to build frames for the kitchen and sofa area.

"Everything took double the time we thought it would – there was lots of trial and error," she says.

"We finally got a worktop and sink and made every single shaker style kitchen door. This took ages!"

Finally, the kitchen was almost complete and the couple then tried figuring out a way to fit the sliding door.

"Ended up getting some extra heavy duty drawer runners for it," she says.

Despite admitting "progress felt really slow for a while," they then finished their bedroom and "garage" and even added a swing – almost a year from when they first started the build.

She captioned the post: "A start to finish of our dream tiny home on wheels."

It wasn't long before the post racked up over 1.8 million views and several comments from very impressed social media users.

"This is sooo lovely! One thing I would personally do would be to add a little curtain under the bed area so you can’t see the storage space," wrote one.

A second penned: "Looks great!"

A third commented: "Looks amazing!"

Meanwhile, a fourth enthused: "Amazing! Well done, both of you!"

Another added: "I want to do this but I wouldn’t even know where to start."

And a further chimed in: "Absolutely amazing – what a great hard worker he is well done should be proud!"

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