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A WOMAN who transformed her van into a tiny home on wheels has revealed the cheap buy, as well as the tips and tricks, that she swears by to keep warm when it’s frosty outside.

So if you are reluctant to turn on your heating this winter, but aren’t a fan of the cold, you’ve come to the right place.

Alyssa Jo, who is also known as ‘the solo travel gal’, shared how to keep warm on a budget this winter.

The young woman, who lives in Oregon, United States, took to social media to share her tips, as she posted her clip with the caption ‘Broke my record for the coldest night I’ve slept in my van. Hopefully I’ll never have to do it again.’

Alongside the video, Alyssa shared the hashtag #itsroughoutthere, as she said: “Okay, so this is how I'm gonna be staying warm tonight.”

Not only does she swear by layers, but she also recommended a cheap high street buy too, as she explained: “I'm gonna have at least two layers on, a shirt, sweatshirt, two pairs of pants, two socks. That'll really help.

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“Sometimes I use these Hot Hand things.

“Although they can give you blisters, I found out. So you have to be careful with these.”

If you fancy giving Hot Hands a try, you can nab a two pack from Savers for only 69p. 

As well as this, the woman added: “My friend also let me borrow his Mr Buddy heater. Thank god.

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"I also don't really like using it because it's kind of dangerous, but yeah, in emergencies, I’ll use it.

“And then of course, blankets. I have two really fuzzy ones, one comforter.

"That really helps a lot, especially because my heat for my van decided to stop working this week. It works on and off, so that's lovely.

“Of course, the coldest week of the year it stopped working for me, but we're getting it fixed soon, so don't worry.”

The next morning, Alyssa shared: “It was freezing last night. I am not used to sleeping in this weather.

“It is not fun at all. Luckily my blankets helped quite a bit, and that was nice.

“And I turned on my propane heater for like a little bit. Obviously, I don't leave it on for very long, but, yeah, that helped a tiny bit.

“So just know that I'm alive and I made it through.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @lyssasventures, has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly amassed 27,200 views.

Social media users were eager to take to the comments to share their recommendations for keeping warm.

One person said: “Get a weighted blanket. They are awesome.”

Another added: “Look up tea candles and Clay pot heater.”

A third commented: “Need a diesel heater. Very inexpensive.”

Whilst someone else shared: “Hot water bottle or mason jar with cover and boiling water. Makes a great bedtime warmer.” 

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At the same time, another user claimed: “I put the hand warmers underneath my sheets. I’ve slept in -4 in my van.” 

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