I got an instant £5k eyelift thanks to eye tape costing just pounds – I don’t know why celebs splash out on surgery

I BELIEVE ageing is a gift and a privilege. I take pride in the experience life has given me.

It is written all over my face, in every line and wrinkle.

But at 55, and with an 18-year-old son and 20 years of marriage under my belt, I can’t help wondering what I might look like with slightly tighter skin at the corners of my eyes.

You can see the contrast between Danielle Lloyd’s “before and after” photos.

The former glamour model said she is happy with the results of her “fox-eye” thread lift. At an alleged cost of £5,000, I should hope so.

Danielle, 37, said she went for treatment after seeing “gorgeous young girls on Instagram”, claiming “prevention is better than the cure”. I’m not sure about that.

With that type of treatment lasting just six to 12 months, I’m not willing to test her theory. However, I am told some cleverly applied tape can lift and elongate the upper eyelid in the same way.

It is what reality stars apparently do to copy the “fox-eye” look of models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

I have droopy eyelids — the kind that don’t look great with a flick of liquid liner. (Sob!) So a temporary eye lift, without going under the knife, sounds too good to be true.

First I try ZM-Beauty Eyelid Tape, £6.99. Each looks like a white tadpole. First I tie back my hair to avoid getting strays in my eyes. Then I completely remove my make-up.

Using the Y-shaped tool, I mark on my eyelid where I want the tape to sit to give me a deeper-looking eye socket and hopefully lift my droopy lids.

I then gently remove the strip from the sheet with the Y-tool, lift the lid with my finger and pop it into the crease with the tweezers that are included.

Doing this without my glasses is a bit of a faff but I get there in the end, before applying make-up seamlessly over the top.

However, the results aren’t so much eye-opening as . . . blah. Not worth the £6.99, in my opinion.

Next I try Mark Traynor Single Face and Neck Lift tape, £21.50, themakeuparmoury.com — which promises to lift the eyes skyward from the corners.

I achieve the perfect spot by standing in front of the mirror, putting my fingers just above the brow then pulling the skin back until it is taut. Then I place the tape, being careful not to place them too high. No woman wants to look like a pantomime dame.

There is a bit more to it. You have to thread the “lifts” — a band you pin into your hair — through the hole in the tapes, then remove the backing paper once you are happy, before sticking it down completely.

However, once it is on, I let my hair down and conceal the band. You would never know the band was there. It has an instant transformative effect.

I look refreshed . . . and, I think, younger. It probably knocks off a few years, yeah.

And to think — make-up artists of screen and stage have always had this in their beauty arsenal to eliminate laughter lines. Who knew?

I certainly will not be going under the knife any time soon. But this magic trick could come out for special occasions or when I need a little pick-me-up.

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