I stumbled upon a random hack to remove grime from the bottom of copper pans… it’s a game changer and only costs a quid | The Sun

A MAN has revealed the clever hack he’s discovered to remove grime from copper pots and pans. 

Andy Orr took to his social media account to share the tip after figuring it out during a cleaning session in the kitchen. 

Sharing a short clip, he showed off the bottom of his pot, which had dark stains all over it except a single spot. 

“I was washing the dishes tonight and noticed this random clean mark on the pan…” he told viewers.

“Turns out it was mayonnaise.” 

In a bid to test the hack out to confirm his discovery, he decided to cover half of it in mayonnaise to reproduce the results. 

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He showed off the before, showing the mayonnaise evenly spread across the bottom, before leaving it to soak overnight. 

The following morning, he said: “Well, [I] left it overnight and it’s gone a weird green colour, let’s see…”

Despite being “a bit patchy” the hack worked as he said it “cleans the bottom of copper pans”. 

People were quick to comment TikTok user @andyorr3008’s post as one person wrote: “It’s the vinegar”. 

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Another claimed: “It’s the lemon juice in the mayonnaise”. 

While a third joked: “Bet I start buying mayonnaise instead of shower gel, save a fortune!”

Copper isn’t the only thing it can clean though. 

According to thekitchn.com, the oily texture of the condiment can also help create a greasy film in the tiny cracks of wood floors. 

This basically masks the scratch as the film typically takes on the same colour of the floor. 

It can also remove white rings left behind from sitting water glass from furniture, remove adhesive residue, clean piano keys and shine fake houseplants. 

Plus, it can clean stainless steel by removing fingerprints and grime as well as remove paint splatters from tiles. 

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