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HAVE you ever wondered what a day in the life of Paris Fury would look like?

Well, with seven kids to look after and a boxing champion husband, she's now revealed all – and we're exhausted just thinking about it.

In one video posted to TikTok (@robmooreprogressive), Paris Fury shared a sneak peak into her hectic lifestyle – and explained why being organised is key.

Speaking about how she prevents chaos in such a busy household, she explains to Robert Moore on his The Disruptors podcast series: "If I'm laying out four lots of clothes, I may as well lay out five then, you know, six, seven – it's all there.

"If I go on holiday, I've got to pack everything in no time because everything we do is last minute.

"And then I've got a pack like, well, there's nine of us in my family now and then.



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"So say we go for 10 days, that's 90 pairs of underpants and 180 pairs of socks.

"So everything has to be regimental – and I usually try and fit it in three cases."


In a second video, the mum-of-seven has revealed what a day in her life looks like.

"So you've got two different sides of our life," she explains.

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"Mundane 9-5"

"You've got the normal 9 to 5 mundane life, which would be get up in the morning, Tyson would be at home.

"We'll wake the kids up, we'll get them dressed and washed and Tyson would do the school run, come back, cup of coffee, nursery run."

Paris goes on to say she then does the cleaning and chores that need doing at home, before catching up on a "bit of business".

She continues: "Then it's school, pick up, dinner time, bath time, bedtime, and it's 8pm, then you sit down, me and Tyson will probably chat about the day…and carry on.

"It's very, very more like mundane, busy but quiet, normal life."

Exciting trips

However, she then goes onto describe the other side of her life as like a "rollercoaster," which includes her day trips to London, media days, work days, book tours and flying out to Saudi Arabia for Tyson's fight.

She explains: "We're tripping around the world with each other, doing business and then juggling the family.

"And this is what I talk about in my book….it's the juggling of the daily life – sometimes it's real quiet and calm, sometimes it's not.

Paris then goes onto reveal which lifestyle she prefers out of the two.

"If I had to pick, I'd rather have home life than crazy life," she admits.

"Because my main thing in my life is my kids and my family and Tyson and being at home.

"So to me, I would pick that any day over having to run up and down and do kind of things like this."

Who spends the most money?

The very relatable mum also went on to discuss her spending habits and revealed who spends the most money out of her and Tyson.

"I think I run the home, so I probably spend the most money because I pay all the bills and do all the organisation, do the shopping, do the food shop," she says.

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When asked about the amount of Chanel bags she has, Paris replies:
"Most of them was gifts from Tyson.

"Most of the time after a fight he used to treat me to something nice….neither one of us are big spenders, we really ain't."

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