I tested the viral 55p hack to help prevent condensation in your home this winter – the results really surprised me | The Sun

HOMEOWNERS can experience problems with condensation and mould in the winter months.

Along with causing health issues, it can also be a very pricey problem to resolve.

Many people have been seeking quick and cheap solutions – and one woman named Sunny decided to put one of them to the test.

The mum-to-be took to TikTok and explained how she'd noticed condensation on the window in her little one's nursery, so she decided to give the 55p Fairy liquid hack a go, which is meant to either reduce or stop condensation altogether.

In the clip, she begins: "As you can see, I'm using a microfibre cloth and kitchen roll to make sure it's all dry, then I went in with Elbow Grease washing up liquid and a dry microfibre cloth.

She adds: "You just need a small amount and you want to smear it all over the window."


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In a second clip, Sunny can be seen going to check on the results first thing the next morning.

"I tried it out in the nursery window and let's see if it works…and to my surprise it actually did!"

She continues: "So the washing up liquid is meant to form a barrier to stop the water from sticking to the window.

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"Obviously there are other ways that reduce or stop it altogether but this is an easy and cheap way to do it.

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"You have to reapply it – I'll probably do it once or twice a week – but give it a go!"

The videos have since racked up over 200,000 views and been flooded with comments.

"I need to try this it’s so bad in my house," wrote one.

A second praised: "I also done this last night and window was dry as a bone this morning result."

A third agreed: "I tried this last night just on my kids room….IT WORKED !!! I've just done all windows in house thanks for sharing."

However, another person warned: "Surely the condensation will go elsewhere in the walls?"

Meanwhile, others suggested the other cheap methods they use to help prevent condensation.

"They sell dumidifier bags in pound shop sweetie there so good I used them in winter and in my dryer room," advised one.

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A second added: "Try normal table salt in a bowl."

A third wrote: "Shaving foam is the best!"

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