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MOST of us reckon we've mastered how to use bobby pins properly by now – but turns out, this is not the case.

If you like many, the team at Fabulous included, open the bobby pin before sliding it inside your locks, keep on reading, as one hair whizz has revealed the right way.

Taking to TikTok, the guru, Sarah Claire (@sarahclairehair) claimed that the common method of opening them does more harm than good.

''Oh my god, stop opening your bobby pins – you're taking away all of its strength,'' she said in her video posted on social media.

This, the blonde also demonstrated, won't keep the hair in place for long, making for a rather flat look.

Instead, take the closed bobby pin and weave it in and out of the section of locks.


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''So much stronger,'' Sarah noted.

Another extra tip, she added in the comments, is using an extra bobby pin to cross the first one with – this hack will lock the hair properly.

''When I realized this, it made using bobby pins so much easier!!'' Sarah, believed to be from the US, wrote in the caption.

With more than 116k views and hundreds of likes, the tutorial has taken the internet by storm and we cannot wait to try this method.

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Speaking of hair hacks, one woman recently revealed how to stop your locks getting greasy – and it makes the hair extra glossy too.

Abbey Yung regularly shares her beauty and hair recommendations to social media and one of her recent ones involves using micellar water to stop grease building up.

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The TikTok user has a whopping 654.8k followers and 17.8million likes and often shares clever beauty tips and tricks.

Abbey uploaded her recent video with the caption ‘ok whatttt’, as she demonstrated how she uses micellar water on her hair.

She said: “Let’s test micellar water before shampoo to see if it cleans even better.”

Abbey showed off her hair before using micellar water, which she described as “super oily”.

The beauty whizz explained: “I applied the micellar water directly to my scalp and evenly saturated my roots.”

She then massages it in, does a first round of shampoo and then a second lot of shampoo.

Abbey washes off the double shampoo and then shows off the finished result.

Not only does Abbey’s hair look great, she says it feels amazing too.

She exclaimed: “Wow, my hair feels so clean.

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“Also so soft and shiny!

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