I thought my unique tattoo was cool but now everyone thinks I look like a murderer – I don’t get it | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she was shocked to discover a grisly meaning behind her "cute" tattoo.

The TikTok user, called Kait, explained in a video how she had got a spider inking – with a heart in the middle – on her elbow on Valentine's Day 2022

In a post, the woman explained how she was at a gas station a few months ago when a man asked her specifically where she had got the tattoo from.

Kait was surprised he hadn't asked about the "beautiful" sleeve on her other arm,but explained that she had gone to a tattoo parlour.

He replied: "Oh I thought you were going to say in prison."

She laughed the strange interaction off – until the day she filmed the TikTok video.

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Kait explained that she had been at her waitressing job where a "sweet little old man" also asked her about the very same inking.

When she told him the origin, he replied: "I was in prison for 16 years and that was a common tattoo that men would get in prison when they had murdered somebody."

She said that, on reflection, the guy at the gas station "was asking if I had un-alived somebody.

"So BRB. Scheduling my cover up."

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Her video has received more than 500,000 'likes' and over 9,000 comments – many of them horrified.

One person wrote: "As a tattoo artist I am ALWAYS sure to inform my clients about this!!"


Another shared: "OMG."

A third added: "I didn’t know this. I still think it’s kinda cool."

Meanwhile, a fourth reassured her: "Who cares tho? It’s still cute! Keep it!"

And a fifth insisted: "I have the same tattoo, purely because it fit the area well. I knew what it 'meant' but I don’t think the meanings are really relevant anymore."

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