My lazy gardening hack makes watering your plants so much easier – I found another use for an item I use with my kids | The Sun

IF taking care of your plants can feel like a lot of work at times, one woman has a handy hack to help.

The green-thumbed creator revealed her lazy trick for watering your garden.

In her video, TikTok user Jessica (@jessican67) shared her "garden hack for the lazy girlies."

The TikToker showed her followers how she reduces the amount of walking she has to do when watering her plants.

"So this is my overgrown tomato bush and this is how I water it because I’m lazy," she explained.

Jessica gave viewers a glimpse of the attachment she used on her garden hose.

She revealed that the green item was not originally intended for gardening use.

"So this was for water balloons and what I do is I stick it in here and get all the stuff in the back to make sure it’s all watered," Jessica explained.

She demonstrated to her audience as she stood back and sprayed her plants.

The water balloon spout slowed down the flow of the water while controlling the direction it flowed.

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This allowed Jessica to concentrate the water onto her plants, reducing overflow.

It also helped to reduce the amount of physical movement for the gardener.

"See look, I’m super far away from my peppers and I’m watering them," she said as she demonstrated the trick.

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