I'm a gym bunny… trolls think I look like a gorilla & men don't find me desirable but I don't think my body is weird | The Sun

A FITNESS enthusiast has shared an emotional response after mean trolls ruthlessly compared her body to a huge gorilla and insisted men don't find her attractive.

Gym baddie only known as @Wanderingdaydreamer took to TikTok to hit back at the meanies who reckoned her muscular and toned curves were like that of a gorilla.

The 42-year-old stunner, from Maine, the US, regularly shares clips of herself proudly showing off her incredible body, with a larger booty and wider hips.

However, whilst the fitness fanatic may feel her best, her TikTok page has also attracted a number of trolls, some of whom have even suggested her to fork out for a surgery.

According to @Wanderingdaydreamer, she gets comments to arrange a liposuction on a daily basis – and meanies insist she should even set up a GoFundMe page online.

As well as being told to change her body, the fit gym bunny has been compared to a huge ''silverback gorilla'' and even told that she may never find a man.

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One troll, for instance, commented: ''not a desirable look for many men….not being rude just saying what most are thinking.''

But although the rude and cruel remarks have not stopped the 42-year-old from sharing content online, they do get to her – and she recently posted a video to remind others to be more kind.

''I don't understand what is happening in that comment section,

''I don't think my body is that weird,'' she said in the clip.

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''I have some fat in my hips and I've seen a lot of fat people getting all boosted up.

''I've seen beautiful women get boosted, I've seen ugly women get boosted.


''Maybe people think because I have 670k followers, I'd have people to help.

''I don't have anyone […], I couldn't even make through that comment section.''

She added: ''I don't understand why people are so mean.''

Luckily, whilst there are trolls, the stunner has also won a loyal fan base, with people praising her.

One said: ''Stay confident. Do what you did in the beginning months ago or when I first started watching you.

''You were doing your thing. Don’t worry about those.''

Someone else chimed in: ''Ur absolutely GORGEOUS!! Please don’t let the haters get to you!''

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''You’re absolutely beautiful. People are hateful no matter what you look like. Ignore the hate,'' a third penned.

Another commented: ''My heart actually broke hearing your voice! Your beautiful! They are sad people.''

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