I’m a mum & I let my baby sleep alone in her pram on the street – people say I’m crazy but the fresh air is good for her | The Sun

WOULD you leave your newborn alone in their pram?

Probably not – but one mum confessed she does regularly, and she's not the only one who swears by letting babies nap outside on their own.

It turns out it's not uncommon for parents to leave their little one outside in Denmark.

You'll often see the odd pram outside shops and restaurants while their parents grab a coffee or have a browse.

Mum-of-four Annie Samples explained: "The Danish practice of having your baby sleep outside in their stroller is not only the cultural norm, but it's even recommended by our midwives and baby nurses."

No matter the weather, parents will leave their baby tucked inside their pram outside to get all the benefits fresh air has to offer.


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According to the mum, all the usual fears about a stranger taking your child don't exist there.

She said: "Babies here don't get kidnapped because no one wants the responsibility of someone else's kid, especially when our healthcare system does everything it can to help anyone who wants a baby have one at little to no cost."

That said, just because some parents feel comfortable leaving their tots outside alone in Denmark doesn't mean it's always safe there or elsewhere.

Parents do always keep a close eye on the prams though, Annie says, explaining that they'll usually have a baby monitor as well.

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Even at home the mum will let her daughter nap in her pram outside.

She says: "It's for her to get the benefits of fresh air.

"It's her most familiar sleeping surface at this point and I love that if my family and I ever want to go somewhere while she's napping we're never stuck at home."

The mum says she knows it's not always possible for parents to leave the babies asleep alone in their prams.

"I'm so thankful to live in a city where it's safe to let my baby sleep outside in her stroller while I pop into a cafe," Annie explains.

But other parents still weren't convinced it was a good idea, one wrote: "I get doing this at home in the backyard or on a balcony, but NO WAY in public.

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"It's like leaving a car with the engine running."

Another quipped: "Absolutely not."

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