I'm a skint first-time buyer but people can’t believe the glow-up I’ve given my new build – and it was all on a budget

IT’S HARD enough to get on the property ladder these days, let alone as a solo buyer.

But then having leftover money to completely transform and style your home too?!

It’s something many couldn't afford to do, but that didn’t stop Jenny Barker wanting her home to look fabulous.

The first- time solo buyer purchased a new build home, but wasn’t happy with the plain white decor.

So, Jenny set about adding character and colour to her new build home and since moving in, she has worked her magic on the home’s decor.

Jenny has furnished the new build with stylish finds but on a budget, with items purchased from bargain stores. 

Jenny bought bargain buys from B&M, Home Bargains, The Range and IKEA to spruce up her plain, white home.

Turning her home from drab to fab, Jenny has documented her home transformation to her TikTok account ‘jenshomejournal’. 

Jenny said: “In Jan 2019 I moved into my empty shell of a new build…

“So I began to work on adding colour and character to it!

“Every room needed doing from top to bottom but I couldn’t wait to get stuck in! 

“So two years later and it looks a bit more like this..”

Jen has posted a variety of different videos to her TikTok account, showing her glow-ups of every room in the house.

Whether it’s taking a plain white bathroom and transforming it into a chic modern haven, or turning a dark hallway into a glam space with plants and gold designs.

Jenny’s home has a really unique style with pampas grass, bold colours and cool stencils covering the walls.  

She’s done DIY panelling in her bathroom and transformed her kitchen and bathroom with cheap tiles and vinyl wrapping.


When it came to her bathroom transformation, Jenny posted a video explaining the simple process of putting down the £10.99 Amazon floor pop tiles. 

Jenny said that these peel and stick floor tiles are “super easy to apply, long lasting and a bold statement!”

“It’s as simple as measure, score, snap and stick!”

These tiles instantly transform a plain white bathroom into a modern, glam look, without breaking the bank. 

She also recommends using grout pens – to freshen up, colour and transform your tiles. 

Another budget method Jenny recommends is using an electrical tape shower screen.

She said: “Either just on the join or full faux crittal, for £2 you can’t go wrong.”

Jenny explained: “It’s all been done on a budget, it’s all been super easy changes but what an impact it’s made!”

“Sometimes all it takes is a bit of panelling, a lick of paint and some good ol’ styling.”

Another way Jenny recommends to give your toilet a budget friendly glow-up is to use stencils to create wall designs.

Jenny used a budget Hobbycraft leaf stencil to create unique designs in her toilet. 

She shared her three-step method and you won’t believe how simple it is.

She explained: “Step one: Stencil.

“Step two: Paint.

“Step three: Admire.”

It’s as simple as that and the end results are super impressive! 

When it came to her kitchen upgrade, Jenny also did this on a budget.

Instead of forking out thousands for new worktops, Jenny used worktop vinyl wrapping, purchased for just £6 a roll from Create Your World.

She advised people looking to glam up their kitchen on a budget to “update your cupboard handles” and “change your cupboard colours”.

She also "used Wilko spray paint" to transform her kitchen accessories, door handles and breakfast bar stools.

Doing these simple steps will instantly transform a kitchen and are easy to do on a budget. 

Wanting to transform your front door but not sure where to start?

Jenny has obviously done that too and is here to help! 

Jenny walked TikTok users through her easy, three-step front door transformation.

She explained: “Step one: Clean the door with sugar soap. 

“Then lightly sand the door to give a better surface for the paint to grip onto.

“Step two: Wipe away any excess dust from sanding and frog tape where you want to keep paint free.

“Step three: Paint until your heart's content. Or in this case, 3 coats!”

Clearly many are impressed with Jenny’s home transformation video as her page has 230.1k likes and she has 49.1k followers. 

Hundreds of people have commented on Jenny’s videos, expressing their amazement at just how fabulous her home looks. 

One person said: “You should be an interior designer.” 

Another added: “I love all your ideas. I'm doing some in my flat.” 

A third commented: “Wow. So beautiful.” 

Another said: “Now this is a glow up.” 

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